MX73 Toyota Cressida Outpaces Your Bourgeois Euro Saloons

Nowadays nostalgists regard the MX73 Toyota Cressida as a RWD four-door Supra for the shakotan/bosozoku/drift/VIP crowd, but it spent much of its existence as an understated executive sedan, a Japanese alternative to Benzes, Bimmers and Jyaaags in the pre-Lexus days. For evidence, watch this 1985 commercial from Quebec, Canada, complete with “Oh what a feeling, Toyota!” leap in French.


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5 Responses to MX73 Toyota Cressida Outpaces Your Bourgeois Euro Saloons

  1. Chris says:

    You gotta love the Cressida.

  2. Tyler says:

    Hah. Kinda funny that it looks like a Camry. Then again, The BMW E23 resembles the E21. So in luxury land it’s probably all the same.

  3. Sarcasmo says:

    I miss when people were having fun in car commercials… like the early 80’s Toyota ads. Nowadays, with Toyota’s current lineup… there isn’t much to jump about. lol

  4. Nigel says:

    That dark color is ok, however if it was white w/ the brown interior.
    Just the best, GX71′ s rule.

  5. Tim says:

    Plenty to jump about, depending on what country your in 😉
    My new daily is not a bad bit of kit to be honest with you. 2010 corolla hatch.
    set of wheels and its looking ok. Some coilovers and it will definately be tasty!!

    But it is underpowered as usual…and not cheap to add power. My moneys better spent on the JZX100 me thinks…haha. But damn its nice for a daily!!

    Wouldnt mind getting my hands on the AWD V6 JDM variant either 😉

    i’m also jumping with anticipation for the FT-86 personally…disregarding the haters..its reasonably light weight, and RWD….and will no doubt have huge aftermarket support 😉

    MX83’s really do it for me aye. My last daily was a stock standard mx83 grande…heavy, but oh so smooth and reliable!!!
    Best in burgandy, low, and a set of TE37’s!

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