MOTORSPORT: Mazda at Le Mans

Mazda Le Mans

As you’re reading this sentence, the world’s most advanced race cars are barreling down a country road in France at 200-plus miles per hour. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is happening right now, and to commemorate their own win in 1991 Mazda France has released this video of their rotary racing history. Watch it below the fold.

Everything from the R100 to the victorious 787B is represented. Never stop challenging!

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5 Responses to MOTORSPORT: Mazda at Le Mans

  1. dccy_21 says:

    i’m surprised and appalled that Johnny Herbert isnt hoisted on a pedestal every time he visits Suzuka every year. But jokes aside though, that was a yer when reliability triumphed over performance. i hope the same happens for toyota this year seeing as how sh*t their year has been.

  2. Dave Yuan says:

    I love this video! There’re great footages in there that I’ve never seen before, like those of the Luce Rotary Coupé and aerial shots from the ’91 Le Mans. Awesome!

  3. Ryan says:

    Inspiring video, Ive never seen the part when they carry Herbert out of the 787b.

  4. daniel guzman says:

    is the last japanese victory or not? whats happen later? nobody accept the challenge?

    shame of you mr. toyoda, shame of you mr. honda….

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