MINICARS: Stay in this Tomica-themed hotel room in Japan

To coincide with 50th anniversary of Japan’s favorite toy cars, a hotel in Tokyo has created a Tomica-themed room that kids (and presumably adults, too) can stay in. The hotel is the Maihama First Resort overlooking Tokyo Bay and is part of Tokyo Disneyland. The partnership with Tomica fills the room with Tomica decorations, bed sheets and pillows, and a display of actual Tomica vehicles along the back wall.

When you check in, you will get a Tomica playset and 10 cars. You can vroom-vroom to your heart’s content, but sadly these are not for keeps. You must return them for the next guest when you check out, but by doing so you do earn a sticker sheet.

The decor of a non-Tomica room at Maihama First Resort is generally quite plain. Since it’s adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland, located just outside of the capital city, some rooms have a view of Space Mountain and the Magic Kingdom castle. Inside the theme park, you can typically buy exclusive Disney character-themed Tomica as well. The Tomica room, however, is a seafront room so you get a view of Tokyo Bay.

The stay includes one breakfast for each night you spend. As is typical of most Japanese hotels, there are two food options. Western-style offerings include omelettes, fruit, and pastries, while Japanese-style offerings include rice, grilled fish, and local vegetables.

The Tomicas on display do not seem to be accessible, as they are under acrylic cases. That’s probably because in addition to some newer models, there are also classic ones that can be quite valuable. The first two look like a road roller and a Toyota HiLux with camper shell.

If you wish to stay in the Tomica room, the promotion goes from now until June 30, 2021. The rates are actually tremendously reasonable, ¥6,450 per person (¥7,095 including tax), or about USD $65. That’s a better rate than a standard dingy business hotel in Tokyo, and you definitely don’t get any Tomica there.

Images: Maihama First Resort

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  1. Anay Jain says:

    Nice,How to book a room

  2. KylieSmith says:

    Very cool idea. I’m thrilled. I’ll definitely stop there sometime.

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