MINICARS: LS Collectibles’ 1:18 Toyota Celica Supra is now available for pre-order

Back in January we wrote about an exciting new series of 1:18-scale models of iconic Japanese cars of the 1980s. Made by LS Collectibles, they were still in the prototype phase, and the first one was the long-awaited A60 Toyota Celica Supra. The cars are very close to completion, and are now available for pre-order. 

The Celica Supra is offered in three colors, Super Red, Gloss Black, and the rare Light Blue Metallic. The cost of each one is €134.95 (or about USD $162) including tax, which is a competitive price for a low-volume 1:18 resin model.

We spoke with designer LS Collectibles’ designer David Houston, who is a big fan of Japanese cars and is the main advocate for their inclusion in the company’s lineup. He told JNC that while close to production, these are still prototypes and that he is working on revisions to the ride height, wheel and tire size, side window trim, roof spoiler and interior colors. Note that the cars are US-spec P-Types with LHD steering.

The second-generation Supra has long been missing from the 1:18 scale world, though versions in smaller 1:64 diecast and 1:24 plastic model kits exist. David says that it is important they receive enough orders for these cars so that he can justify more Japanese cars of the era in the future. He has a few ideas up his sleeve. The Celica Supra is available for pre-order on LS Collectibles’ website and will be shipped in July 2018.

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18 Responses to MINICARS: LS Collectibles’ 1:18 Toyota Celica Supra is now available for pre-order

  1. Celica says:

    No love for the Celica 🙁

  2. Nigel says:

    In Black…very nice !

  3. Speedie says:

    What a nicely detailed model. They even have the hatch keyhole molded in (note that the actual decal was cut around the “shiny” keyhole which detracted from the over all look). Only thing needed is to paint the muffler black (but keep the chrome tips). This was a trademark of the Toyota performance models of the eighties and was an easy way to determine if an aftermarket exhaust had been installed.

  4. LB1 says:

    Kind of looks like they combined the 82-83 models with the later ones. The former had the two tone paint and different taillights whereas the latter had the spoiler integrated into the hatch.

    On these models they probably ditched the spoilered hatches because that was probably too intricate to cast. I wish they would’ve just made the 82-83 models because I prefer the two tone paint and the taillights. But they still did a great job on these. Look at the black moldings where the flares attach to the body, very detailed.

    • Speedie says:

      They modeled the 1984 P-Type. It was the first year of the body update which included wraparound front corner lights, redesigned taillights, and adoption of body colored rear hatch and bumpers. The 84 retained the single sunshade spoiler. The twin spoiler was introduced in 1985.

  5. Su says:

    I think I’m at the pre-midlife crisis stage. I would love to have a Celica Supra when the kids are gone. This model may have to do for now.

  6. Brian says:

    How can I pre-order one and how much would one cost I would really like to get one.

  7. Hazel says:

    Hello are you selling the black one? If yes please advise how to purchase
    Thank you


    Dear Sir
    How to get the Toyota Supra 1980s i prefer the light blue color or any color if the blue color is not available

  9. Marcin says:

    Where can I purchase a red one?

  10. Wayne Perepolkin says:

    Looking for the mist blue metallic supra…are they still available? Thanks

  11. Nick says:

    Still looking for one.

  12. Louis George says:

    Hello there.
    I would like to order a Black Celica Supra model for when it’s ready.
    There is no suggestion of prices that I can see.
    Please keep me posted.

  13. Paul Gajdos says:

    Where do I sign up for pre-ordering one of these in Light Blue?

  14. Paul Gajdos says:

    Where may I order this LS 1:18 toyota supra model ? Tried the LS Collectible link and it doesn’t work? Paul Highland, NY USA

  15. Brandon S Brown says:

    how do you pre order these?

  16. Theodore Martin says:

    I would like to order a black one how and when I can.

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