MINICARS: At last, a 1:18-scale A60 Toyota Celica Supra

The diecast world has long been missing models of several seminal Japanese cars, especially when it comes to larger scales. One that’s been long desired by collectors but never seen before in 1:18 scale is the A60 Toyota Supra. That’s all about to change with an upcoming release from LS Collectibles. 

The second-generation of the Toyota Supra was a game changer when it debuted in 1982. As our editor at large Ricky Silverio says, “It was like a spaceship had landed.” Its angular styling and high-tech interior quickly became a best seller in the sport coupe segment. That’s why it’s almost shocking that, until now, there has never been a 1:18 scale model of it.

LS Collectibles has made several 1990s Japanese cars, like the Z32 300ZX, Mitsubishi 3000GT, and the newer A80 Toyota Supra (along with Porsche and Lancia models), all in resin 1:18 scale. However, the A60 Supra is a departure from that era and is the first 1980s Japanese car they’ve made. These are the first images of it. We spoke with designer David Houston about this project, and why the A60 was chosen.

“[It was] car that started my love affair with Toyota,” he told JNC.  “Back in 1984, my slightly older cousin was babysitting my brother and me and one drove by on the street. ‘I want that car. It’s Bad!’ she exclaimed. I asked what kind of car it was, as my mom had owned a Corvette and a Camaro, and her ex had a 260Z and 280ZX. I didn’t look at Toyotas except for my cousin’s Cressida. After that, I left Trans-Ams and dove fully into Japanese cars.”

Eventually, David went on to study industrial design and became an actual car designer. He even interned at CALTY in 1995 and helped pen the seventh and final generation Toyota Celica. He’s gone on to work for Lincoln, Hyundai/Kia and Mercedes-Benz, but his latest project with LS Collectibles and their parent company APD unites his love for Japanese and model cars. This is his first full project them, and there will likely be more Japanese cars to come.

You can see more of LS Collectibles’ lineup at the company website. International shipping is available.

Images courtesy of David Houston.

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