MINICARS: All the Japanese cars in the 2017 Hot Wheels mainline

Mattel has released the complete 2017 Hot Wheels mainline list, and it includes plenty of things for collectors of Japanese cars to get excited about. Old castings make a return, while new ones continue the trend. Here’s a complete rundown on what J-tin aficionados should look out for.

Below are the Japanese selections, the series they belong to, and their colors (if known) in the 2017 Hot Wheels main line. New castings are shown in bold.

  • Datsun Fairlady 2000 / Legends of Speed / yellow (1st release), green (2nd release)
  • ’17 Acura NSX / Factory Fresh / yellow (regular), metallic yellow (Super Treasure Hunt)
  • Custom Datsun 240Z / Factory Fresh / white
  • ’15 Mazda MX-5 Miata / HW Speed Graphics / yellow, “Volk Racing” livery
  • Custom ’01 Acura Integra GSR / HW Speed Graphics / white, green “Tein” livery
  • Honda Odyssey / HW Speed Graphics / red, black “NGK” livery
  • Toyota Off-Road Truck / HW Speed Graphics / green, blue “Falken” livery (regular and Super Treasure Hunt)
  • 1987 Toyota Pickup Truck / HW Hot Trucks / red
  • Datsun 620 / HW Hot Trucks / white, blue “GReddy” livery
  • Custom ’72 Chevy LUV / HW Flames / blue, orange
  • Scion xB / X-Raycers
  • Honda Monkey Z50 / HW Moto
  • ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon / Surf’s Up (we can’t reveal the livery yet but this one will be particularly cool for JNC fans)
  • ’96 Nissan 180SX Type X / HW Race Team
  • Time Attaxi / HW City Works
  • ’90 Acura NSX / Nightburners
  • 2017 Nissan GT-R (R35) / Nightburners
  • Nissan Fairlady Z / Nightburners
  • Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X / Nightburners
  • 1990 Honda Civic EF / Then & Now
  • 2016 Honda Civic Type R / Then & Now
  • Mazda RX-7 / Then & Now
  • Mazda RX-7 FD3S / Then & Now

As you can see, it will be quite an eventful year for collectors. We’ll be bringing you the latest as we can share the images. For the complete 2017 mainline list, click here.

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12 Responses to MINICARS: All the Japanese cars in the 2017 Hot Wheels mainline

  1. Mike RL411 says:

    Let me know when the get back to the beginning of performance, like my RL411SSS! I live close enough to Matel’s tower if they want to take some 3D photographs.

  2. Mercilessmings says:

    So, when does the 1967 N600 HONDA come out? I mean, it’s not like next year is the 50th anniversary of one of the most important automobiles ever or anything……Oh wait, next year IS the 50th anniversary!!! HELLO! Mattel! Anyone?

  3. SHC says:

    Haha! That would be great Ming-san, maybe Honda U.S. will plan something special for the N600. 2018 is Honda’s 70th anniversary by the way.

  4. Nigel says:

    Got the Fairlady and Custom Luv in Blue, looking forward to the 240Z and the FD.

  5. cesariojpn says:

    So no surprise models like the Dekotora set around summer?

  6. Yoda says:

    Is the “2016” Civic Type R a 10th gen?

  7. Flashg7 says:

    So they came out with a 510, they came out with an RX3, when are they going to come out with a TE27 Corolla, one of the most popular, and Beautiful, compact cars of the 1970’s???

  8. Cho says:

    Thank for the list and Don’t forget m2machines Datsun run for 2017 Bluebird 510(Sedan),Kenmari,Bluebird 510 Wagon. Also Greenlight Hitch & Tow Series special Ford F-150 and Trailer with the Firestone livery with a Nissan GT-R(R35) matching livery. Hope to see what MBX(Matchbox) does,I know of 3 so far Toyota Tacoma Camer truck,Datsun Bluebird 510 Sedan,Subaru with Police Livery Dark blue and Yellow(British I think)

  9. Randy says:

    So, we can mainline Hot Wheels? NICE!

  10. Conan Dowler says:

    Isn’t there a Mazda REPU due this year too?

  11. Richard G says:

    I second Conan Dowler, what of the Mazda REPU??

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