MINICARS: Hot Wheels x JNC Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

We are stoked to show you the latest Hot Wheels to wear the JNC inkan. In fact, it’s got quite a few more similarities than just the sticker with our own real-life shop truck, a 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser The miniature’s paint and graphics are based on our actual car, which features a somewhat unique, period-correct, dealer-installed decal stripe package.

The saga began back in March when Hot Wheels asked us to send them a few photos of our Land Cruiser. At that point we knew an FJ60 Land Cruiser, among other Toyotas, were about to join the diecast lineup but were sworn to secrecy. This is not a one-off custom. The Hot Wheels Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 will hit store shelves soon looking exactly like what you see here.

First things first, that’s not faux wood paneling on the Land Cruiser. It’s just a brown background with some gradient coloring and gold pinstripes. We bought the car used, and it was like this when Patrick Strong and I picked it up in central Cali during our trip to 2018’s Radwood NorCal in his $50 Toyota van.

There’s even a pair of stripes on the hood, which is not something you’d find on a typical woodie wannabe. The decal package looks like something a dealer might have installed, and appears to have been on the car since the 80s. We’ve never seen another FJ60 like it, and plus we kind of dug it, so we decided to leave it as is.

As for the casting, as you can tell from the metal base and knobby rubber tires, this is a premium Hot Wheels. It’s part of a larger Toyota-themed Car Culture series, which includes a few more new castings, as well as a few familiar favorites (we’ll let Mattel reveal those at their own pace).

We think the Hot Wheels design team once again did a phenomenal job of capturing the proportions, stance, and overall essence of the FJ60. They nailed the real truck’s kind of pachyderm-esque body type where a short front overhang, is countered by a chunky back half, its leaf-sprung badonk hanging over the rear axle ready to carry all sorts of adventure gear.

Every detail, no matter how small, has been captured, from the door handles to the emblems to the D-pillar vents. They even cast the rear door’s glass divider into the plastic windows. Because this is a premium model, you’ll see extra tampos like those of the chrome window trim, rear license plate garnish, wipers, drip rails and more.

We’re proud to say that the JNC inkan is located on the rear glass, exactly where we have our decal on the real car. It’s one of the very rare occasions where a Hot Wheels car has had any kind of elaborate graphic printed on the clear plastic glass.

Despite its beefy rubber tires, the Hot Wheels doesn’t have an overly wide stance, just like the real FJ60. As such, there is one aspect of the Hot Wheels that doesn’t match the 1:1-scale counterpart at all. The toy version can zoom down an orange track with the best of them, its large diameter wheels and tires roll really well and the weight of the casting makes it one of the faster castings in my son’s collection. The real-life car, on the other hand, is slower on the freeway than wind-blown litter.

We’ve had the JNC logo on many other Hot Wheels cars, special series, and even a fictional surf shop wagon that Nissan made into a real truck. But we’ve never had one of our own cars replicated in 1:64 scale. It’s still evokes a “can’t believe it” feeling, and we’re grateful for the entire Hot Wheels team for the honor.

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  • Mazda RX-7 (2012, white/gold/red with red JNC inkan) — Kroger’s/Ralph’s exclusive
  • Toyota AE86 Corolla (2013, black/white with black JNC inkan)
  • Toyota AE86 Corolla (2013, white/black with black JNC inkan)
  • Toyota Celica 1970 (2013, red/black with black JNC inkan)
  • Mazda RX-7 (2013, silver/blue with blue JNC inkan) — Treasure Hunt
  • Datsun 620 (2014, orange with black JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 620 (2014, blue with black JNC inkan) — KDay exclusive
  • Datsun 620 (2014, red with black JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2014, red/white with blue JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2014, dark spectraflame red/white with blue JNC inkan) — Super Treasure Hunt
  • Datsun 240Z (2015, black/blue/gold with blue JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2015, yellow with dark blue JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 240Z (2015, white/blue/red with blue JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2015, black with black JNC inkan) — KDay exclusive
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (2016, blue/black with white JNC inkan)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-X hakosuka (2016, white/blue with red JNC inkan) — Japan Historics
  • Mazda RX-3 (2016, purple with red JNC inkan) — Japan Historics
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2016, black with red JNC inkan) — Japan Historics
  • Toyota 2000GT (2016, yellow/green with red JNC inkan) — Japan Historics
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R kenmeri (2016, white/black with red JNC inkan) — Japan Historics
  • Datsun 620 (2016, turquoise with gold JNC inkan) — Car Culture Trucks
  • Nissan Fairlady 2000 (2017, yellow with maroon JNC inkan)
  • Nissan Fairlady 2000 (2017, green with black JNC inkan)
  • Datsun Bluebird 510 (2016, maroon/black with red JNC inkan) — Car Culture Track Day
  • Datsun 620 (2017, white with blue/yellow GReddy livery Hand blue JNC inkan)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-X hakosuka (2017, white/blue with red JNC inkan)
  • Datsun 510 wagon (2017, blue/white/orange with blue JNC inkan)
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (2017, black/red/”Advan” with white JNC inkan)
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (2017, black/red/”Advan” with white JNC inkan) — Super Treasure Hunt
  • Datsun 620 (white/blue/yellow/”GReddy” with blue inkan)
  • Datsun 620 (black/blue/yellow/”GReddy” with silver inkan)
  • Datsun 620 (green/black/ivory with black inkan)
  • Datsun 620 (green/black/ivory with black inkan) – Super Treasure Hunt
  • Datsun 620 (zamac/blue with blue inkan) – Walmart exclusive
  • Datsun Bluebird 510 (silver/ghost stripes with white JNC logo) — Japan Historics 2
  • Mazda RX-3 (orange with black JNC logo) — Japan Historics 2
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (yellow with black JNC logo) — Japan Historics 2
  • Nissan Laurel SGX C130 (green with white JNC logo) — Japan Historics 2
  • Nissan Skyline C210 (purple with white JNC logo) — Japan Historics 2
  • Datsun 510 Wagon (spectraflame green with black JNC inkan) — Hot Wheels Legends Tour lottery exclusive
  • Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (gray with gold JNC logo)
  • Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (spectraflame gray with gold JNC logo) – Super Treasure Hunt
  • Nissan 300ZX Z32 Twin Turbo (white/black  with black JNC logo)
  • Datsun 510 Wagon (green/tan with tan JNC masthead) — Nissan Collector Set
  • Nissan Laurel SGX C130 (maroon with silver JNC logo) — Nissan Collector Set
  • Datsun 510 Wagon (red/yellow/black with yellow JNC logo)
  • Datsun 510 Wagon (black/yellow/red with yellow JNC logo)
  • Datsun 510 Wagon (yellow/black/red with yellow JNC logo) — Kroger exclusive
  • Nissan Skyline C210 (black/white with red JNC logo) – Boulevard premium
  • Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R (black/red Advan livery with white JNC logo) – Team Transport premium
  • Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 (tan/brown with red JNC inkan) – Car Culture Toyota

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5 Responses to MINICARS: Hot Wheels x JNC Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

  1. f31roger says:

    Oh man.. that is too damn cool. In the bay area.. it is hard to find Japanese diecasts because collectors and resellers are grabbing everything.

    I am not a hardcore collector or know times when stores stock up or anything, but I love to collect Japanese cars.

    I go so desperate for the Blue Toyota Land Cruiser (and in the same way with the Land Cruiser 80) that I searched everywhere with no luck and decided to get a pair off ebay.

    I hope I can find at least one of these.

  2. mintjam says:

    Iam Very sorry, that I write a comment that has nothing to do with the post. For all Honda City AA (First Gen) fans and drivers I can reccomend that you search for It is actually called CITY of life and it is a website, where they collected all the knowhow for the Honda City.
    Greetings from a swiss Honda City Fan.

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