Mazda’s RX-7 heritage parts inventory has been expanded

Mazda has just quietly published an updated version of their RX-7 heritage parts list. The program launched in December 2020 with about 90 parts total for both second-generation FC3S and third-generation FD3S models. With the latest update, there are now 30 items for the FC and 73 items for the FD.

Mazda says that the decisions for which parts to make were determined by customer surveys at various events and from rotary engine specialty shops. There’s also the caveat that some parts will take some time to be delivered because they must be manufactured first.

To order them, you can go to a Mazda dealer in Japan. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer for whether these parts are coming to the US or not, but Mazda reassures us that it will continue to expand the list. For the full rundown, you can download the updated parts PDF file.

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9 Responses to Mazda’s RX-7 heritage parts inventory has been expanded

  1. f31roger says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get another FC just because everyone wants them..

    But my goal cars, Mazda Lantis (323F) and the Mazda 323C would be nice to get parts… especially Mazdaspeed Lantis parts.

    Highly unlikely obviously. LOL.

    Nonetheless, it’s cool to see them putting more into their older cars!!! It makes it hard to own an older car that parts are scarce (hence why I always grab stuff at junkyards anytime the cars I like go in).

  2. Alan says:

    Still waiting for SA22C/FB parts and wondering why Mazda doesn’t consider the platform worthy of equal respect. There would be no FC or FD without the MkI, recirculating ball steering, truck gearbox, stick rear axle and all.

  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    OT; After 57 years, the Skyline is dead per Nikkei Asia.

  4. J says:

    Nothing but encouraging news. Haven’t looked over the list as yet but we’ve been able to get brand new short block engines for sometime here in North America. There for a while NOS housings we’re getting up there in the “silly” range and no one had been able to do rechroming commercially.

  5. RotorNutcase says:

    Noble aspiration here. But I compared with the original list of FC items back in December. It has not changed this time around (guess all the additions were for the FD?) My comments and observations still stand. I will patiently await some earth-shattering news on the FC parts, as it is now impossible to find an affordable FD that is actually worth it.

  6. RJC says:

    Good progress, but I hope to see more of the wear-and-tear items (like steering wheels) on that list soon. The used market for good condition items is absolutely insane at the moment.

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