Mazda Rotary cars on display in Ginza, circa 1971

The curved glass San’ai Dream Center in Ginza has been a major advertising platform in Tokyo for decades. The building at times has been home to the Nissan Gallery, worn a Mitsubishi triple-diamond logo and, in 1971, hyped Mazda’s latest rotary engines. The two cars in the tower appear to be a Mazda Capella Rotary Coupé and a Capella Rotary 4-Door DX, which we would’ve known as the RX-2 in the US. The glow of its lights is so warm, just begging you to go check out one of these new pistonless wonders.

Here are a few other shots from Ginza from what is likely the same night. As one of Japan’s most popular shopping districts many brands are represented — Toshiba, NEC, Fujiya, Pepsi-Cola, just to name a few. Mitsubishi’s turn

Today the atmosphere is quite different. Across the street to the left of the “Ginza Lion” sign in the lead photo is where the current Nissan Gallery sits. Sadly, it appears that the San’ai Dream Center has been scheduled for demolition, and a new building will be constructed in its place by 2027.

Images: tansaisuketti

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3 Responses to Mazda Rotary cars on display in Ginza, circa 1971

  1. Gene Gerbasi says:

    Li had a 323/626/2 RX7,s and a Miata.The RX sevens could be a problem start.

  2. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    The San’ai Dream Center is currently being demolished. A sad end to the iconic building that screamed Ginza for generations.

  3. Jonathan P. says:

    I love these little windows back in time like this. Heh, it looks like an old noir film.

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