Kidney, Anyone? Toyota Celica TA64 Group 4 Rally Car

Even if you were a mere fetus in the mid-80s, you must know by know of the legendary Group B rally cars — machines like the Audi Quattro, Ford RS200 and Peugeot 205 Turbo — that kicked off the AWD era. But Toyota had a dog in the race too, and despite it being RWD, the mighty TA64 Toyota Celica TCT dominated the Ivory Coast and Safari rallies, winning the latter three years in a row. But the ace of the African deserts was actually introduced in Group 4 a year before Group B rules went into effect. Now there’s one of those for sale in Italy.

The Gr.4 Celica may have lacked the TA64’s 290-horsepower 4T-GTE but it was powered by the holy grail of old school Toyota motors, the 18R-G-based 16-valve 152E, still good for 250 horses on decade-old technology. At €250,000 ($323,000) it ain’t cheap, but your kidney’s buying a piece of Toyota racing history.

Hat tip to Marv666.

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7 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Toyota Celica TA64 Group 4 Rally Car

  1. kingtoy says:

    Oh I want so bad!

  2. Levi says:

    You might want to kick the tires first. Remember these re-builds and what it took?

  3. Astro Coffee says:

    great article, I agree, Toyota has plenty of racing history under its belt. I admire there ingenuity and of the result is this celica.

    152E engine is already an history, celica is a big plus.
    152E this historic engine can be found for sale in our country, Philippines.

  4. Joel says:

    that is actually an RA63 Group 4

    it was built concurrent with the Group B car

    and actually won before the turbo cars

  5. Drew3X says:

    I want that bumper for my rallyX Subaru XT i’m working on.

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