Kidney, Anyone? 24,000-Mile 1977 Toyota Celica for $19,000

A 910-horsepower Suzuki isn’t the only interesting thing coming out of Colorado. Recently, a 24,000-mile 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback was offered up in the little town of Berthoud (about an hour north of Denver). It was purchased in Fort Collins, Colorado (another 30 minutes north) and has apparently spent its existence secreted in the mountains like a mummified Ice Age caveman.

According to the owner it’s 100 percent mint — no dents, scratches or flaws anywhere — and the photos seem to corroborate.

Often with ridiculously low-mileage cars mechanical gremlins and cracked seals rear their ugly heads. But the owner of this Celica also claims it’s mechanically perfect, starting every time, idling like a bored teenager, tracking straight and true on the road, and leaving no fluids behind.

Best of all, unlike many of the low mileage Celicas we’ve seen, this exmaple is a 5-speed manual. The interior looks positively brochure-worthy. The owner says even the A/C works.

The undercarriage is similarly clean, and at least the back half does not appear to have fallen victim to the undercoating scam.

According to eBay it was purchased with a BuyItNow option for $19,000. If a low-mileage RT40 Corona can sell for $32,000 this seems like a bargain for a time capsule Celica, and probably a better investment than the stock market. See the auction on eBay.

Hat tip to toyotageek.

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17 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 24,000-Mile 1977 Toyota Celica for $19,000

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Crack Pipe.

  2. retrokid says:

    Seriously man I hope you weren’t describing yourself… You have to admit this is the stuff dreams are made of..

    • Tofu_Delivery says:

      @cesariojpn – first of all, wrong site. second of all, why dont u say WHY u think the price is too high instead of responding with a smart ass remark?

      the celica is a japanese classic and this is one of the cleanest celica’s i’ve ever seen. this isnt a daily driver, it could be in a museum. the price is worth it.

  3. Right under my nose! I too hail from Berthoud. I called on this car and was sad to say that it was well out of my price range but I know he got it for far less than what it’s selling for. I think the same buyer is now even scoping local junk Celicas that are really only good for parts and trying to scoop them up with his fat cash earnings. More power too him I guess but a rusted out shell of a 74 is no mint condition 77 liftback. It’s worth something to me because I need body parts that are not reproduced anymore but not worth much to anyone else.

  4. Jesse says:

    I agree the price seems a bit high but it was worth it to the buyer. Will an aw11 ever be worth this kind of money?

  5. Koich says:

    Toyotageek needs to buy it. lol

  6. buzzin says:

    The American bumpers spoil the look though,
    JDM and Australian version looked much cleaner
    without those ugly chunky bumpers.

  7. MusTRD TE27 says:

    Light blue auto one of these near me for $1000 pretty decent condition bit of rust… Wish I could get it. But no room 🙁

  8. chris says:

    Unfortunately, with so many of the people who like classic Toyotas like this hacking them up, lowering them, modifying them to no end, ORIGINAL and VALUABLE cars like this are going to be even harder to come by. Thankfully it was well out of the price range for any ricer to get their nasty hands on.

  9. Charlene West says:

    We had one like this 25 years ago and my husband sold it when we had our 4th child. It broke my heart to lose that car. One of these days I will buy one. Worth the money if in great shape. We painted ours metallic starburst blue when the silver paint faded. Man, I wish we had kept it.

    • Jenna Macy says:

      I hear you. We had one in 1982 (candy apple red) and I drove it like the tail end was on fire. Lots of fun and many great memories. Had it for about 6 years before we sold it. Great times!

      • Charlene West says:

        I am driving an 05 Mustang now that is the full size version with a V8 engine, but still miss my Celica. Sure got better gas mileage. lol

        Candy Apple red must have been amazing!

  10. Jenna Macy says:

    I hear you. We had one in 1982 (candy apple red) and I drove it like the tail end was on fire. Lots of fun and many great memories. Had it for about 6 years before we sold it. Also had a friend that bought one brand new in high school. Great times!

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