Kidney, Anyone? 1967½ Datsun 2000 Fairlady Roadster

If you’re parting with a major organ, it’d better be an ultra rare machine or something that’s been immaculately restored to exacting standards. Today’s kidney bait is the latter. The 1967½ Datsun 2000 Sports is a the most desirable of the Fairlady Roadsters as it sprang from the brief span in which the older, low-windshield design had a momentary overlap with the introduction of the larger, 2.0-liter U20 motor. Add to that a full frame-off restoration and loads of hard-to-find original parts, and you have a SRL311 that fails to meet reserve despite bids approaching $37,000.

The sharp stance is a result of period-correct competition Nissan suspension bits and American Racing Libres dipped in black. Several parts were unique to the 1967½ roadsters, including headreasts, gauges, carbs, and open element air cleaner, all of which this droptop Datsun has. The rest has been restored with the proper goods, like Toshiba headlights and the original Toshiba radio. And on top of it all, 655 off-white over a red interior has got to be one of the most beautiful color combos ever conceived for a Japanese roadster. The reserve wasn’t met, so perhaps if you have a kidney to spare, you still have a shot.


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12 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1967½ Datsun 2000 Fairlady Roadster

  1. Tyler says:

    Damn, I’d love to see an undercarriage shot. Giggity giggity!

  2. Mario W says:

    Man.. Were do I sign up for the trade for kidney? I’m O+

  3. matt says:

    as amazing as this car is it would depreciate with every mile you put on it, so you’d end up putting it up fs again like this guy did

  4. Jeff says:

    Not as nice as this one that’s posted, but here’s one that’s been trying to sell for ages on a NZ trading site – Wish I had the cash for this. I got the skills!

  5. James Spalding says:

    When I had my Roadsters, I quickly realized that the only way to buy one was to get one that was already restored and as nice as possible (mine were not).

    Back then (around 1998-2002), as nice as one could possibly be (a real 67.5 SRL in immaculate condition) was barely worth what a 5 year old Miata was.

    Yet restoring a well-used example to that same condition was as expensive as restoring a Jag E-Type – minus the initial price to buy the car.

    Good to see people starting to bid them up to near E-Type prices – even if the crazy owner declines to sell it for that price.

    On a side note, speaking as a kidney transplant recipient, can we not find more metaphors for expensive cars?

    Not that I don’t have a sense of humor about the 4 years I spent on dialysis waiting for a donor kidney. It’s just a tired joke. Not really funny of clever any more.

    First born son anyone?

  6. Miles Webster says:

    ergh, everywhere you go these days… “thats insensitive” “thats an old joke”. you had kidney problems. thats unfortunate. this website has been using that expression for donkey’s years (now thats an expression that is overused and not funny, i lived with donkeys for the first part of my life and they are sick and tired of the injustice) and its just a way of conferring a point.


    get over it

    also awesome car love the website etc,

  7. cesariojpn says:

    @James Spalding

    First Born Daughter. 😛

  8. Will C says:

    This car is a owned by a friend of mine. Yes, its about as perfect as it gets. Even signed by Mr K. The undercarriage looks as good as the top side. The car does get driven, however my friend has 3 of them (yes, real 67.5 2000s) so no one car gets a ton of use. This car is one of the nicest ones out there. If one had the $$$$$ to buy it, it would be a good investment as it needs nothing. I’d guess its easily a 90+ point car, likely higher than that. If there is anyone interested in the car, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner.


  9. Will C says:

    For a driver, yeah the 1600 is a lot cheaper. If you want a perfect show car, the 1600 has a lot that needs to be taken care of before it is. This 67.5 however needs nothing (aside from perhaps the ultra rare and mega $$$$ Everwing fog lights for the front.)

    Sticking a 2L and a 5 spd in a ’66 1600 takes some work, the transmission tunnel needs to be cut, a torque rod needs to be welded in as well as a few other little things. Sure, it looks like a nice car from the pic, but we are comparing 2 very different creatures here.

    Heck if it were me, I’d swap the R16 out for a U20 as well, but I wouldn’t expect to win any prizes for it.


  10. xs10shl says:

    The 67 2000s are on the top of the Roadster food chain, and cars at this level of restoration have been trading at about this money for some time now, so this is not a recent move. I’ve got a 67 with the same Solex setup, and same early carbs, same braided hoses (but not as nice an interior, unfortunately) – this example looks super-correct to my eye.

    Anyone who is in the market for one should try driving a 2000 Solex and a 1600 back to back. The 1600s are a lot of fun to drive, but the Solex cars are just much faster, as one would expect.

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