KIDNEY, ANYONE? 425,708-mile 1962 Toyopet Crown Wagon

Toyopet Crown Wagon S30 1

The S30 Toyota Crown Station Wagon is so rare, Toyota USA doesn’t even have one in their museum. They have two Toyopet Crown sedans, which are already exceedingly rare in the States. Wagons? They make 2000GTs seem as common as Camrys. Now comes only the second one we’ve seen for sale since JNC started in 2006, and the first that’s not covered in more surface rust than a rat rod meet. The only catch? It’s in Lima, Peru.

Toyopet Crown Wagon S30 4

Neither sedan nor wagon sold very well in the US, due to truckish mechanicals better suited for congested 1950s Japan than Don Draper’s interstate-laden America. Still, they are significant for being the first Toyotas — in fact, the first Japanese cars, period — to be officially sold in America.

Around the same time Toyota entered the South American market, where road conditions there were arguably a better fit for the Crown. In fact, they offered an additional body style there, a unibody ute/pickup that the US got in very small numbers, possibly in the single digits.

Toyopet Crown Wagon S30 6

Amazingly, this example appears to be in running order and driven regularly. The seller says the plates are current. The engine, however, is not shown, leading us to wonder if the original R-series motor still lurks under the sculpted hood. For what it’s worth, the listing says the mileage is at 425,708.

Toyopet Crown Wagon S30 5

What can be seen of the interior, the cargo hold, does not have its original upholstery. That would count against any other car, but for something this rare, it can be overlooked. It is priced at $9,500 with a Buy It Now, shipping not included. View the auction here on eBay.

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12 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 425,708-mile 1962 Toyopet Crown Wagon

  1. xs10shl says:

    Fly down, and drive it home!

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I read years ago that there entire route is paved except for one brief stretch of dense jungle in Central America. Maybe that’s paved by now. Note: this car would technically be eligible for the Carrera Panamericana!

      • Dave Yuan says:

        That’s the Darien Gap! Properly outfitted Land Cruisers would be able to cross it, if you know what you’re doing. There may also be ferries now.

        And yeah, the rest of it would be very do-able, on the Pan-American Highway. That would be quite an adventure!

      • Ben Hsu says:

        Oh yeah, that’s what it was called. Well, whoever does it would definitely be a strong contender for this week’s QotW!

  2. JHMBB2 says:

    Unsold? Seriously?

  3. Sammy B says:

    This really seems like something the Toyota Museum should snatch up. While the price+shipping may seem a bit dear to us regular people, that would be a drop in the bucket for Toyota. Or even some dealer that wants a cool piece in their showroom.

  4. gaijinshogun says:

    The U.S. did get the pickup…

  5. gaijinshogun says:

    West coast & Hawaii definitely got them. U.S. versions were of course LHD, and the cabs were longer behind the door.

  6. Adriano Qz says:

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    I wanted to tell you that the car is still on sale ($ 10,000) and if anyone is interested can write me to give more details. (My email is:

    With the permission of the administrator, greetings to all.

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