JNC Magazine Issue 2 Update

Here’s a sneak preview of a page out of JNC Issue #2. We’ve all been hard at work on it – doing research, writing articles, editing photos, designing the layout, calling advertisers, promoting and marketing, shipping, and on and on and on. Therefore, we are sorry to report that despite many long hours, it will have to be delayed. The reasons are a combination of a sagging economy that has made finding advertisers more challenging (not to mention increased postage and paper costs) and a search for a new printer thanks to a botched delivery on Issue #1 that has some subscribers only getting Issue #1 now and some still waiting.

Our newbie status as an independent publisher failed to account for these possibilities and our aggressive schedule with a skeleton crew (some of which work full-time in addition to JNC) may have been a bit too ambitious. We know you’re eagerly anticipating the next issue, and it’s coming. Currently we plan to release Issue #2 in September. We’re deeply sorry for the wait and have each chopped off one pinky finger in repentance.

We are fully committed to bringing you the most thorough coverage of vintage Japanese cars because for us, above all, JNC is a labor of love. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or ask it in the forum. Thanks for bearing with us as we go take our baby steps.

-Team JNC

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18 Responses to JNC Magazine Issue 2 Update

  1. Jeff Brown says:

    Don’t worry, I think we are all with all the way. We are not going anywhere.

  2. SrFairladyZ says:

    Hey, relax. We don’t hold grudges. 🙂 When we get it, we get it. No biggie.

  3. Toyotageek says:

    Ditto what Jeff and SrFairladyZ say.

    Having done a club newsletter for a few years, I can understand some of the problems you face (it certainly wasn’t of the same magnitude, but the basics behind it all remain the same). I’m sure that most of us here know and realize the JNC team are doing their best and we commend everyones efforts. I know Ben & Dan, and when they say JNC is a labor of love, they mean it.

    We eagerly and patiently await the next issue, no matter how long it takes! ;-P

  4. Bob says:

    I’m not upset, I’m just happy to know it’s coming along. 🙂 I can wait.

  5. leongsoon says:

    Hey, no probs, just make the mag good and worth the wait, that’s all we ask for 🙂

  6. PQ Jim says:

    Thank you, but don’t sweat it. Take as long as you need. Love the magazine, website, and the JCCS!

  7. Hey i aint going anywhere it will come out when its ready

  8. slickwrick says:


    GREAT JOB!!!

  9. Joe says:

    i still find it extremely awesome there are frequent blog updates,

  10. Jack says:

    As long as I know it’s still coming out sometime I’ll wait for it. I love the magazine and I will continue to support/spread the word. Reach out to us in the PNW if you need some assistance with local even coverage! We’d love to help out.

  11. Dan says:

    Thanks for understanding, everyone. I wonder if it’s too late to reattach my pinky.

  12. Ben says:

    Yes, it’s too late. The dog ate it.

  13. Rob says:

    can’t wait til it comes out. thanks for the update and hard work! how can i help!?

  14. Ben says:

    Best thing is to spread the word. We need as many subscribers as we can get. Thanks!

  15. Kimico says:

    Do not worry. I understand. But what it counts after all this delays is that you are doing this job with lots of love and efforts. My respects for you.

  16. Menard says:

    Take your time. I just want to let you guys know I’m very proud of your guys for your effort on this slick magazine.

  17. Dave Newbold says:

    Just came across your website and I would love to buy a couple of issues of your magazine. I am particularly interested in Toyota’s (Celica and Corolla) and I see that you are running a cover story on both these cars in issue no:2.
    Well done on starting up your website and magazine, hope you have success.
    I will be ordering some copies from you and supporting you.
    Well done and continue the good work.

    dave, Liverpool, England

  18. Ben says:

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your support!!

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