This collection of 1,200 motorcycles proves it’s better to hoard bikes than cars

It would probably be inaccurate to call Brad Boyle’s warehouse of motorcycles a collection. It’s more of an obsession. Boyle owns 1,200 motorcycles, and estimates that 300 to 400 of them are Hondas. When you’re asked how many Hondas you have and the count can be off by 100, you might have too many.

Boyle is the latest collector to be featured in Honda’s Kokoro series, which highlights devoted collectors of the marque. Boyle began his relationship with two-wheelers racing motocross, and says he “always wanted to have a small collection of bikes.” Today, his collection is far from small.

Perplexingly, Boyle collects multiple, nearly identical examples of the same model. He has six CB750s, at least seven CT70s, four Fat Cats, and a row of Scramblers. It’s crazier than a room full of Monkeys, which Boyle also owns. The Number One Dime to his Scrooge McDuck vault of bikes is an SL90 that he personally owned years ago, parted with, found again, and restored.

The video also has a couple of surprise cameos. The first is Dave Ekins, American Honda’s first factory sponsored racer. Ekins and Bill Robertson Jr. rode Honda CL72s down through Mexico in a timed race, one that became the Baja 1000. Our friend Tim Mings also makes an appearance with a Honda N600 Baja racer, American Honda’s first official race car the pair also drove.

What’s even more insane is that Boyle thinks he’s only among the top three Honda hoarders in the world, which means there are others like him. He says that he needs to start a Motorcyclists Anonymous group as a joke. Or is it?

This only proves that it’s better to collect motorcycles than cars. We’d be happy to have just one of each fantasy garage vehicle in our hypothetical collections, and even then the sheer space required would be impossible to manage. In fact, even an imaginary collection of 1200 vehicles seems unmanageable. We don’t know how Boyle does it, but hats off to him.

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11 Responses to This collection of 1,200 motorcycles proves it’s better to hoard bikes than cars

  1. Tim Mings says:

    It was Dave Ekins, and Bill Robertson Jr. Who raced the bikes, and then the AN600 car.

  2. Scotty G says:

    Ha, cool! Only having a mere fraction of that number (half) (kidding) I know the feeling. I agree, though, that if you have more than one or two of the exact same bike there may be a hoarding issue. I would probably do the same thing if I could. No, I would definitely do the same thing, and he’s obviously made enough money to be able to do what he loves to do.

    THAT’S where all of the Honda Fat Cats are! I’ve been trying to snag one for a year or two now. I wish we had a complete list of his collection, it would be fantastic to know what’s hiding there. The video is great, the N600 Baja was fun to see. I wonder if it’ll ever be restored?

    • Ben Hsu says:

      It would be cool to see the N600 Baja mechanically restored, but I’d like to see the body in as-raced condition, battle scars and all. I’m pretty jealous of his collection but thinking about owning 1,200 of anything makes my head spin.

  3. pete240z says:

    “I probably have an addiction…………”

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