Honda and Nissan have inked a strategic partnership agreement

Back in 2019 the Japanese government reportedly tried to get Honda and Nissan to merge. At the time, both companies were said to have rejected the proposal right away. But now, a mere five years later, both carmakers have signed an agreement for a strategic partnership on their own.

Since its inception Honda has been staunchly independent. It seems like a big deal here in the US, but in Japan it lags behind even Daihatsu and Suzuki in annual sales. Over the years there have been many so-called experts saying the company had to merge with one of Japan’s larger manufactuers in order to survive, but Honda fiercely resisted teaming up with other domestic carmakers.

Instead, it explored partnerships with completely left-field choices like the UK’s Rover in the 1980s and, more recently, a short-lived one with GM and a strange one with Sony. The Nissan agreement seems to pick up where the GM one left off, with a focus on electric and autonomous vehicles.

It’s no secret that Honda has been lagging in the EV market, while Nissan has been a pioneer. On the other hand, Honda has been a leader in robotics (like with its ASIMO robot), the technology of which may prove useful in developing autonomous vehicles.

Both Honda and Nissan have alluded to the fact that their next-generation of flagships, the NSX and GT-R, respectively, will be electric. It would be interesting if there was to be co-mingling between Japan’s two iconic supercars.

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4 Responses to Honda and Nissan have inked a strategic partnership agreement

  1. BlitzPig says:

    Honda and Nissan together…

    Honda making moves to get into NASCAR…

    Dogs and Cats sleeping together…

    Strange times.

  2. NJ Ed says:

    The Sony and Honda relationship started the 1960’s with Akio Morita (co-founder of Sony) became friends with Soichiro Honda. There’s photo of Akio Morita and Soichiro Honda camping with portable Sony TV being powered by portable Honda generator. Nissan is big company when it merger with Prince Motor Company in the early 1960’s. Prince built the Skyline sedan in the mid-1959 and the rest is history with Skyline still being produced. The strategic partnership make sense to save cost development on future products.

  3. Mark W says:

    Nissan quality could learn a thing or two from Honda.

  4. Trey Spicola says:

    if i were Nissan I’d just let the far superior engine maker (Honda!) take over folk’s thanx dude(s)

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