Happy 510 Day from JNC!

Kick back and grab an ice cold Calpis because it’s Friday and 510 Day. You deserve to have your thirst quenched with Japan’s favorite lactic acid bacteria drink. And yes, it tastes better than it sounds. Kanpai!

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2 Responses to Happy 510 Day from JNC!

  1. Fred Langille says:

    Don’t have it here … unfortunately. Nice 510 though. My Vietnamese roommate at Indiana University had a red 2 door and, we drove it from Bloomington to Brick, NJ over Easter break. Or, rather CHAU did as I couldn’t drive a stick at the time … this has been remedied of course. Nice little car! Kanpai

  2. Michael Jue says:

    Funny, yesterday 5/9, my wife asked me “Is tomorrow 5/10?” My answer, “Why yes, all herald Datsun!” She just looked at me funny.

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