VIDEO: Fredrik Sørlie’s 2JZ Cressida drift machine

Fredrik Sørlie Toyota Cressida X30 drift

No big deal, just your average 2JZ-powered X30 Cressida drifting on a closed road in Norway. This is Norwegian drifter Fredrik Sørlie preferred commute. Watch the video below.

And as a bonus, watch Fredrik exit a motorway with proper form.

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15 Responses to VIDEO: Fredrik Sørlie’s 2JZ Cressida drift machine

  1. Nigel says:

    Super precise drifting. With an awesome four door Toyota.

  2. dickie says:

    looks like they needed a faster pace car/better driver. the can am seemed superfluous (as they all do). i was confused by the cleavage, expected like slow mo shots of dem titties moving around or something. i don’t see why they were included…? unless this is just following the standard for european drift videos.

    love his car, he’s always come off as a down to earth guy.

    • That ML55 AMG has over 300kg of camera gear on the roof, and quite high profile tires made for heavy loads like this. This was as fast as it could go, and in many shots from the Can-am Spyder we were on three wheels with the inner front lifting and all stability programs going nuts even though they were “disabled”:-)

      I’m pretty certain a stiffer tire and some tuning to make the gearbox react quicker would help a lot, but I’m impressed with what it could do to follow the Cressida, considering that it’s very heavy:-)

    • Just to clearify further, the main objective of this production was actually to see what the chase vehicles were capable of. It’s all new equipment and what better way to test it and get some practice than shoot a drift video.

      As for the boobs, they were part of a storyline that we didn’t have time to finish. But come on, since when did we not enjoy some cleavage? I thought all the gay car enthusiasts drove french cars? 😀

  3. jdmeg21 says:

    is there a copy of this vid without the music. The engine sounds awesome in the first few seconds of taking off. Dope car!

  4. invinciblejets says:

    So boss

  5. Daniel vega says:

    a layer of sweat covers most of my keyboard

  6. eric-p says:

    Ill never get tired of sweet drifting videos

  7. Lukas says:

    Closed road? Really? 😉

  8. Since I’ve been useless at updating my project thread, I sat down and wrote a rather longish recap of the year from my perspective. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had an amazing season and what we have achieved on my non-existing budget is as surprising to me as anyone else.

    PS. It’s got pictures and videos in it!

  9. 出美都 says:

    Looks like the designer of this car liked mustangs

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