EVENTS: SevenStock 13, Part 01

It’s late September so that means Mazdafarians everywhere are making a pilgrimage to Irvine, California, home of Mazda North America and SevenStock! Compared to Toyotas and Datsuns, old rotaries are rarer than UFO sightings (this ain’t Oz), but somehow new ones keep showing up.

The festivities began by honoring Sylvain Tremblay, captain of the SpeedSource RX-8. In 2008, when SpeedSource first won the 24 Hours of Daytona, the then-President of Mazda presented him with a daruma. In Japanese tradition, the daruma comes with blank eyes, one of which is filled in when a wish is made. When the wish is fulfilled, the second eye is drawn.

In this case, the wish was for Mazda to bring home another Grand Am GT championship, a throwback to Mazda’s utter dominance of IMSA throughout the 1980s. And lo and behold, this year Tremblay & Co. captured the 2010 manufacturer’s trophy so the daruma now has depth perception!

Then Masato Miura — possibly the coolest last name ever — former head of MazdaSpeed when Mazda won LeMans in 1991, took the mic and wished everyone a happy SevenStock 13.

Classic Mazdas and meshies go together like sushi and wasabi. Epsilons were one of the most popular wheels for old rotaries like this RX-3 due to their favorable sizes in Mazda’s oddball 4×110 PCD bolt pattern.

The Wankelholics crew had a pair of clean Mazda RX-2 sedans on chromed, period-correct meshies. One on Enkei 92s…

…and another on SSRs.

Slamming a Wankel on some JDM barrels is nice and all, but in their heyday Mazdas were sought after because they could give domestic V8s a run for the money, so drag wheels are USDM period correct.

An amazing example of an Mazda RX-3 SP, a special appearance package for the US market with stripes and aero parts. Could this be the one that was on ebay a while back?

Last year saw an increase in REPUs; this year there were even more. These rotary-powered pickup was already rare 10 years ago.

This one was clean yet not too flashy, with a reproduction original stripe decal package. And like the alien-esque Mazda T2000, these trucks always seem to come in various shades of blue.

They were spotted in the parking lot as well, this one wearing a different yet still period-correct decal package.

But the REPU wasn’t the only truck packin’ rotary power. This sparkling clean Datsun 521 had a heart transplant to remove all pistons.

As Roper says, there the Mazda rotary is one of the few engines that qualify for a “universal engine swap,” meaning it could go into any car without being blasphemous. Here’s an AE86 that’s had its 4AC booted for a 13B.

But that means “Datsunfreak” Roper must then also live with the Wankel-fication of one of his precious 510s!

Few nostalgics spanned the steel and plastic bumper eras in the same generation. Personally, I prefer the painted steel bumpers of the Series 1 SA22s over the polymer nosecone.

This was one of the cleanest FC RX-7s we’ve ever seen. Soon to be nostalgic.

Toritani-san, the owner of this 13B-swapped Mazda Cosmo Sports, drove — not trailered — it all the way down from Tulalip, Washington, a distance of over 1200 miles!

This is quite likely the only time you’ll ever witness insect carcasses splattered across the front of a Cosmo Sports.

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11 Responses to EVENTS: SevenStock 13, Part 01

  1. E-AT_me says:

    please could someone explain all the “Donkness” going on here? i just don’t get it.. even the Cosmo sports wheels are just too darn big..

  2. Nigel says:

    Thanks for the RX-3 and sa22 goodness guys. I guess the “big wheel” thing could be due to people unable to source small wide wheels. ( If I could back in the day I would have got a set of banded steels for my Corolla.) (Also difficult to find a good cheap set of 14’s these days).

  3. bert says:

    NOW WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I used to live in Tulalip, how come I ain’t never seen that Cosmo!!!

  4. matt says:

    @donkness, partly what nigel says but mostly 1) looks 2) bragging rights 3) keeping up with the tuner crowd. very popular in australia on any jnc oldschool, and here in the states mostly on mazdas

  5. Nigel says:

    I guess they also don’t know. “Black Watanabes look good on anything”.

  6. Pnutsr1 says:

    Thank you to nostalic for putting my Mazda R100 on your page you have nice pictures and sevenstock turned out real good this year can’t wait till next year is going to be even bigger I think sevenstock need to pay more attentionto the old school rotarys I think the big wheels are nice n that’s the thing wright know in it makes the cars standout more

  7. Tyler says:

    Is it really that difficult to widen stock steelies? These donk wheels look like crap. I can see if they slammed the cars on the wheels, but to have stock or near stock suspension with giant wheels just… eewww.

  8. w says:

    The wheels are a cultural thing. Down here in Oz & Nz we get em right down on huge Simmons. That is THE rotary wheel.

  9. Sexy Hammer says:

    Wow look at the crappy giant wheels on otherwise perfectly good classic cars! Those guys bring their style with them when they came here from Ausfailia?

  10. RxJunky says:

    Thanks for the picture of my FC(red with BBS RS). I was hoping to get a shot of my car on here and you guys came through and even gave a nice compliment. Great pictures guys keep up the good work

  11. Savant says:

    Thanks for posting my RX3 with period correct wheels 15in no bigger bro but to each is own so do what you like i wont hate…..Keep the Old Schools alive….

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