EVENTS: Eagle Rock Swap Meet

Aaah, SoCal. We know the rest of the country hates it when we gloat. But sorry, it’s just damn nice to be able to take a leisurely Sunday morning cruise to an old school Japanese car bazaar. The Eagle Rock Swap Meet started out as a trading post for Datsun 510 supplies but nowadays deals in all manner of nostalgic Nissan, Mazda and Toyota goods. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s a great place to find an old part, diecast car, or a set of wheels.

Yesterday we shared the 1:64 nostalgics that we found there. Here are some 1:1 scale cars

Watch out Cressida owners, the Maximas are coming.

Excellent combo.

Behold the badassery of this Toyota Van. Somehow an International Harvester Scout sneaked in to the car show area as well.

Curry House in da house.

An RX-3 is oozes with potential.

610 Wagon entering.

Very clean Hilux found in the parking area.

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10 Responses to EVENTS: Eagle Rock Swap Meet

  1. E-AT_me says:

    yeah.. hatred runs deep.. from the east coast, with love….

  2. Tyler says:

    Moar 610 wagon!

  3. s30zgt says:

    It was a great meet. Its become a real favorite of mine. Picked up a pair of seats, inner shift boot, and window crank for my 240z. The Japanese old school community is awesome as ever.

  4. Brooks says:

    Betcha I know how that IH Scout snuck in — they came with Nissan SD33 inline-six diesel engines as one of the engine options.

  5. mervins says:

    NEVER will a maxima give a cressida a run for its money!!!


  6. David says:

    Got a ton of Datsun Z car parts to sell, I got to get up there for the next sale.

  7. 20B says:

    Remember Cresida man. his is a “DATSUN” Swap Meet !.

    This is a japanese car swap meet. Please do not change the name, that is disrespectful.

    Other brands are welcome, off course, but the name is “Eagle Rock Datsun Swap Meet ”

    For those that have issues with Nissan/Datsun cars ( like the Cressida guy.), stay clear from Datsun Nissan events.

    All are welcome to the Datsun events, but for positive reasons, not to bad mouth, or to change the name of the event.

  8. dan says:

    douche bag!

    toyota all day.

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