EVENTS: 2015 New Year Meeting, Part 08 — Parking Area Finds


Closing out our coverage of the 2015 New Year Meeting, we make a quick run through the show’s parking area. Thanks to the Japanese protocol of backing into their parking spaces, we were able to get full views of spectators’ rides to the show unobstructed by vans and kei cars. As is typical of Japan, even many areas of the parking lot were beautifully paved with a concrete lattice over manicured grass.

Early comers were able to secure adjacent spaces for similar rides, as was the case for these Fairladies. Here, twin G-noses were joined by what appears to be a fuel-injected 1975 example equipped with an SCCN air dam.


S110 Nissan Silvia quietly sat in its period correctness, complete with skinny Hoshino Impul G5s on chunky tires and a stock-ish ride height, wink mirror, metal visors, and rear window blinds.


An S120 Toyota Crown Super Saloon on MS51 steelies exuded a muted dignity. Brown is a rarely observed shade for these stately sedans, which are usually found in black or white.


On the opposite end of the spectrum was a rare high-roof Honda City, perfectly optioned with its sunroof, plaid interior and perhaps one of the last solid bright oranges to emerge from any OEM paint booth.


An R31 Skyline GTS Turbo, unapologetically 80s in is boxy styling and considered a barge when new, is today dwarfed by an modern S-Class Mercedes.


Parked as a group were a trio of four-door Hakosuka Skylines, including a red example with a two-digit license plate indicating a one-owner car since new. Beside it, a silver example sported a rare early grille.


Flanking the triplets were an R32 GT-R and this, a Prince Skyline GT-B decked out in its iconic OEM white and red paint scheme inspired of Tetsu Ikuzawa‘s Japan GP car and symbolic of Japan’s national race colors.

For Subaru fans, two generations of Alcyones arrived, though sadly not together. Sold in the US as the XT and the SVX, the former is tragically rare, even in Japan, and this example has the added bonus of turbocharging.


A silver Bluebird sedan on perfectly complemented gunmetal Wats caught our eye simply because we don’t see many 510s done in such a clean, largely original style here in the States. It even has a rare JDM 1968 factory grille.

Last of the RWD Bluebirds, the 910 does indeeed have a small following in Japan. The examples we found in the parking area were a bit rough and have yet to be turned into bosozoku sleds. Hopefully they will receive new life under the care of devoted owners.

Further afield, a pair of white Fairladies lurked, one likely with modern mods with some resemblance to Wangan Midnight‘s Devil Z, the other a period racer with beefy Hayashi Streets and vertical wiper adaptation.


Against a wall was a Z10 Soarer, the first of a long line of pre-Lexus Toyota luxury GTs. This one seemed to be well preserved and largely original except for the addition of a pair of driving lights.


Nearby, a pair of rough-and-tumble Corolla Levins wore a collection of JDM parts that would be traded like they were made of gold baby teeth among US-bound AE86 owners, but in Japan they’re just old drift rod guardrail fodder. Meanwhile, a well-used blue Sprinter Trueno would make an excellent California driver, but in Japan it’s just middle-of-the-road.


Amazingly, an S40 Crown on Fuchs wheels and moderate slammage can have an entire beltline that sits below the hood of a modern VW GTI.


A tekamen DR30 Skyline in its signature red-on-black two-tone lay in wait, its chrome A-pillars gleaming between an S130 Z and a pre-BMW Mini.


The Isuzu Geminis are almost all gone nowadays, but this rally-inspired 1800 ZZ/R twin-cam sedan soldiers on proudly, representing the pinnacle of a model that spanned 13 years in continuous production.


Sharing the same platform as what Americans would call an R100, a very rare Mazda Familia Rotary Sedan defied the odds of survival, as the coupe was more popular as a platform for preservation. Sitting on Hayashi Command 500s, it cast almost the same shadow as a Honda N-One kei car.


And finally, our coverage comes to a close with a genuine Nissan Fairlady Z432. Equipped with a Sports Car Club of Nissan lip and bearing the insignia of the S20 Club, it is one of the only we’ve spotted in what could legitimately count as “in the wild.”

That concludes the 2015 New Year Meeting, but in case you missed it here’s Part 01 — Sixties SportsPart 02 — Sports Coupes and Sports Sedans, and Part 03 — Bone Stock Beauties, Part 04 — Shakotan Sleds, Part 05 — Racers and ReplicasPart 06 — Trucks, Vans and Wagons, and Part 07 — Compact Flash. Also, check out our New Year Meeting coverage from 20132012, and 2011.

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19 Responses to EVENTS: 2015 New Year Meeting, Part 08 — Parking Area Finds

  1. daniel says:

    great honda city in orange!! first time I see the high roof option, more room for the head = more space for everithing!!!
    the isuzu gemini in argentina / brasil in the 90′ was sold as GMC Chevette in 2 or 4 doors and pick up too. Great RWD car, almost a mehh car for the masses but all the fun in the back.
    check and

  2. Jon says:

    The Gemini ZZ/R wasn’t a factory turbo, if that’s what you mean. Great coverage. That 432 is sexy!

  3. Yoda says:

    ” …perhaps one of the last solid bright oranges to emerge from any OEM paint booth.”

    Or not, you can still order Omaha Orange on GM or Dodge Ram trucks – it’s definitely fleet-only at the General but Dod- sorry, Ram, puts it right on the build-and-price.

    • Michael says:

      A few orange cars to be had in Australia too. Our local Commodore and Falcons, plus Porsche do a few in orange don’t they(GT3 etc)? Or were they meaning in Japan only?

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I meant as a continuation of the 70s oranges. It seemed to be a popular color in the Disco Decade, but fell out of favor in the sleek 80s.

      I’ve never seen a Ram in Omaha Orange in person. Many of the new school oranges seem to be too metallic or glossy. Those solid colors from the 70s are a lost art.

  4. Kevin says:

    How rare exactly would you say Subi XT’s are? Between my hometown, and where I live now, I know of at least 5 of them still on the roads. Three being the AWD turbo models. They are sure goofy looking!

  5. John M says:

    Looks like a great mix of cars.

    I was thinking two-digit plates were issued through the late ’90s, so not sure about original owner. Any more info would be appreciated.

    Nice to have the cars backed in for pics, but must admit I like rear ends (tail lights and even speakers on the rear shelf), too.

  6. MIkey says:

    No love for the red LHD Z31 next to the white R31?

  7. Nigel says:

    Nice to see some 910’s, awesome show coverage guys.

  8. Joe Svitek says:

    The DR30 and DR31 Skylines are awesome! I’ve just ordered two Kyosho Skylines and my DR30 is identical to the one pictured above while my DR31 is black. This is exactly why I want to go to Japan. Such a fantastic car culture!

  9. Banpei says:

    Great to see the S120 Toyota Crown Super Saloon getting all this attention. For some reason you don’t see these cubic headlights often on the JDM Crown while it is the only type of headlights that came to Europe. Even though the wheels are a bit too skinny for the size of this car they do look good on it.

    A bit of a shame there is no photo of the Toyota Carina/Corona A60/T140 next to it. It has the utilitarian headlights and bumper integrated indicators so it is most probably a KA67V or TA67V van.

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