510 Day Observed, in San Diego

The first ever Datsun meet put on by the San Diego 510 Crew (Ismael, Miguel & Ramon). This meet was conceived not only as a tardy 5-10 day celebration, but as a way to get any other Datsun models out of the garage. Word got out to the Toyota boys too, and some of them crashed the party (not referring to the black Camry that moved the cone to park there).

First off a Skyline Hakosuka HT. So far as we know, this car hasn’t been seen by the JNC public at large. So please welcome another member of the west coast Hakosuka Yakuza.

Freshly painted 260z resto-mod. The color suited the car and was a lot brighter in the flesh.

A bone-stock 510 survivor showed up. For sale too!

Datsun 210 (aka B310). Facelift model with rectangular headlights.

Hind end showing off the big-butt US-spec crash bumper.

Partial group shot (more about the Toyota crashers later).

Side shot of Buster’s Beach House–where most of the action took place. That owner of that ugly black Camry had the nerve to move the cone in order to park in that spot.

White 510 sedan with SR20DE power.

Right Hand Drive 510 Coupe aka “Redbird”.

Ismael’s yellow zonker 2-door – SR20DET powered.

Miguel’s flared 510 2dr with Watanabe R rims.

Ramon’s Grabber Blue 2-door.

Metallic blue 2-door 510.

Mike’s Skyline Hakosuka Sedan.

Pale yellow 510 2dr with carbon fiber hood.

White 510 goon with tinted windows and luggage rack.

Intense orange 510 2-door.

Datsun 620 pickup in Grabber Blue, Titan wheels and fender mirrors.

Some Toyotas showed up, but they weren’t turned away.

Special thanks to Buster’s Beach House for their hospitality!

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9 Responses to 510 Day Observed, in San Diego

  1. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Nice little show. Far out colors, man. A Hako with an RB top mount IC? Interesting way to keep a stock image.

  2. TommyJ says:

    Looked like a nice turnout! That black Camry reminds me when I worked in a restaurant. I would purposely turn the table in an awkward position and move the chairs to the wall, I’d even put a reservation note on the table. Yet I’d still have people moving the table and bringing chairs, It’s not pleasant to tell a party of 6 grumpy old people to get another table.

  3. Ben says:

    Thanks for posting this, Matt. But what, no captions for the Toyotas!? 😛

  4. Alan says:

    The turquoise 510 with the army drab Wats is so, so hot.

  5. Komeuppance says:

    You guys could have moved that stupid camry out of the way, everyone lift!! Some sweet rides there.

    BTW, the forums are acting up…


  6. Matt says:

    @ben, throw me a bone here

  7. Ben says:

    Matt – I kid, I kid. I know it wasn’t easy for you to include them :P. I actually dig those A40 Celicas.

  8. Ismael says:

    Thanks Matt, for posting this, great job on this article, very acurate, good turn out, good weather, good food, great people, special thanks to all those people who show up, the Toyotas, Supras, Rob the photografer, the Z’s, the Pick ups, even those bikers, also “datsun owners”, and Jim the “Owner” of Busters. I have to say that everybody behaive real good, we got invaited to come back again.

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