JNC THEATER: Bleed blue after watching Between the Lines, the documentary about global Subaru culture

Two independent filmmakers have created an amazingly crafted and moving documentary about their most cherished marque. Between the Lines by Jan Lim and Jose Valdez delves deep into the world of Subaru fandom, and goes beyond the technical aspects of the cars themselves. It explores the many facets of Subaru culture, from rally racers to campers to show-goers. 

Lim and Valdez weave together an unprecedented diary of events, including Fuji Heavy holy grounds like the Subaru of America Attic, Dirtfish Rally School, the Global Rallycross Championships, SEMA, a Subaru-sponsored dog adoption day, and the STI headquarters in Japan. There’s coverage of Subaru events around the country and the 10th anniversary of the 22B Owners Club in Japan, as well as stories about individual owners.

The result is a love letter to the Subaru community. The quality of camerawork and editing is astounding for an independent production as well. Even if you don’t own a Subaru, it’s worth watching. By the end, you may wish you did.

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5 Responses to JNC THEATER: Bleed blue after watching Between the Lines, the documentary about global Subaru culture

  1. hi! Do you know why the Subaru car badge has only 6 of the 7 stars that can see a human eye looking to this cluster? Where is the 7nth? Well the seventh belongs to the Fuji Precision Machinery or Prince Motor Company that make the first generations of legendary Skylines !!!
    Fuji Heavy industries or Subaru in secret create inside Bridgestone yard the first Subaru INLINE engine 1500cc just for Skyline under the bless of the crown Prince Akihito!I for more info ask me ,as i know this mater beeng owner of this Prince Skyline car.(that now Ihave to give up)

    • Jan says:

      Hi Joannis, I happen to stumble on this page. My name is Jan Lim and I am the director of Between The Lines. That is so interesting. Thank you for the knowledge. Please reach out to me, google the film or my name. I would love to talk to you! =)

  2. DARIN SMITH says:

    HEY! WHERE IS Mr.Paul Walker and WRX’s!!!!!!!!!!-Smith’Hot wheels guy’.VIZIV Go!!!!!

  3. xs10shl says:

    No Subaru culture video is complete without a mention of the international smash music video “Check out my Subaru”. NWS.


  4. I am so happy that you have caught word of our documentary! Thank you so much for writing about the film. Much love to you guys! I hope we can all connect one day.

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