VIDEO: A bosozoku night cruise

Do you like bolted on bubble flares, takeyari shaped like lightning bolts, and blinding dome lights that look like they’re off a 1960s police car except they’re purple? If not, well, maybe avert your eyes so you don’t see the parade of Celicas, Soarers and RX-7s decked out in less-than-reversible mods. If so, then behold a glorious night cruise with the bosozoku.  

In this Nori Yaro video, you’ll see prime examples of the over-the-top style the bosozoku are infamous for. Tribute cars like a Shakotan Boogie Soarer, works-inspired Skylines, and a Group 5 RX-7 also make appearances. Donuts, revving and a general disruption of societal norms ensue.

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