The Hills are Alive, with J-Tin

Move over, Governator, there’s a new force out of Austria to be reckoned with, and that force is Like the name says, it’s a German-language forum for lovers of old Japanese cars, and it’s run by Rainer, aka Mr_Daihatsu on our forum. Check out his moving quest for a painstakingly restored 1981 G10 Daihatsu Charade that, if the Gumball Rally sticker in the original ebay photo is any indication, has led a very difficult life.

Look out world, vintage Japanese car fans are coming together like Go-Bots! And in case you haven’t already, check out grandJDM from Australia (note to pageant queens: there’s an L and some extra vowels in there) and Old Japanese Car from the UK.

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One Response to The Hills are Alive, with J-Tin

  1. Whit said:

    I’m surprised no one has commented on this great rebuild.
    great job.

    Whit N.Y.

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