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EVENTS: 15th Annual All Toyotafest, Part II

When everyone from Congress to late night comedians is painting your cars as deathtraps unfit for their worse enemies, follow the lead of GM, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo. Embrace your heritage. Show the haters that no matter how much the … Continue reading


Toyota Meeting at the Toyota Museum of Germany

Art students have Rome. Fashionistas, Paris. For car nuts, there’s Germany. No speed limits, giant glass museums for famed automakers, and legendary race circuits. If we ever make it to Deutschland though, we’re headed straight for Hartkirchen, located on the … Continue reading


Greenland Expedition – In a Toyota Carina?

These low-res scans of an early 1970’s Toyota publicity brochure tell an unbelievable story: “To heck with a Land Cruiser; we’re tackling the frozen wastes of Greenland in the New Carina!”