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Friday Video: Datsun 810 Bluebird vs Nissan 330 Cedric

In this short but action-packed chase from Seibu Keisatsu, a Bluebird 810 sedan goes head to head with a 330 Cedric. A flotilla of Nissan black-and-whites give chase, and a particularly brave yonmeri Skyline patrol car sets up a pick … Continue reading


EVENTS: 2010 Mooneyes Street Car Nationals, Part I

You can tell by its name that the Mooneyes Street Car Nationals is an event heavily influenced by American hot rod culture. You won’t find much, if any, of the typical stuff we crave from JDM shows. Sorry, no negative … Continue reading


No More Quarter Pounders: Replace Those Panels

The quarter panel is probably the most daunting section of body to replace on a car. But it doesn’t have to be that way. RatDat has a great how-to write up that makes it seem, well, slightly less daunting.

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Datsun 610 and My Adidas Do the Illest Things

How fresh is this? A new Adidas commercial prominently features a Datsun 610 Coupe, fender mirrors and all, beside a bird dancing in pajamas. We’ve been documenting the appearance of J-tin in advertisements for a while now because, well, it’s … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls on a Nissan…: Today’s zen koan comes from Australia, where, as Kev informs us, there are indeed trees. And sometimes they upend themselves on some poor sheila’s newly restored Datsun 610. Zoe Michalski had just purchased … Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone? 1974 Datsun 610 with KA Power

Bring a Trailer is on a roll this week. This is the cleanest 610 build we’ve ever seen, swapped with a modern KA24DE from a 240SX and amenities like projector beam headlights. In truth, we wanted to profile Aaron’s car … Continue reading