EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 06 — Trucks, Vans, and Wagons

0556-BH2914_Subaru BRAT Landscape

The latest installment of our massive 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show coverage takes a look at the haulers of the J-tin world, whether they be carrying cargo, kids, or chicken tax exemptions. It’s the trucks, vans and wagons of JCCS.
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KIDNEY, ANYONE? 58k-mile Mitsubishi Starion

1986 Mitsubishi Starion 02

It’s hard to get much more 80s Japanese than the Mitsubishi Starion, but it’s often overlooked in favor of AE86s, Z31s and FC RX-7s. There were only three at JCCS this year, and those who do follow the cult of Starion tend to mod the crap out of them. The remaining supply is usually left languishing on driveways, waiting for a restoration that will never come. That’s why this 58,334-mile example is so stunning. Continue reading


Japanese car displays from the Post War Miracle Years

Toyota Corolla 1966 b

Auto displays are like a magical time travel device. Not only do you get to see cars of the era, but also its prevailing fashion, colors and architecture. Like the old Tokyo street scenes we showed you a few months ago, here are some JNCs in their natural environment. Continue reading


EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 05 — Made in the 80s

0571-BH2841_Isuzu Impulse Trooper

While chrome-bumpered machines from the 60s and 70s are still the Japanese Classic Car Show’s core, urethane capped 80s cars are making their presence known in a big way. In this installment we look at iconic cars from the Reagan decade. Continue reading


QotW: What car is not worth preserving?

Cressida wagon bump

Recently the JNC wagon, our daily driven 1986 Cressida, was backed into, smashing the headlight, front bumper and fender. That’s the danger with driving your beloved classic around. Add years of rock chips and other indignities suffered during LA driving and it’s enough to make us consider getting a guilt-free daily driver.

What car is not worth preserving?

With the exception of blue chip classics like the Toyota 2000GT or Nissan Skyline GT-R, JNCs tend to be cars that were once thought of as disposable but which are now becoming collectible. Is there a car, from any year or continent but easily available in the US today, that you can drive into the ground without the slightest pang of remorse?

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EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 04 — Modified Machines

0769-BH2925_Datsun 240Z S30

This year the Japanese Classic Car Show began screening entrants. A JNC editorial on the development generated heated debate, with many assuming that the Queen Mary lawn would be filled with identical, bone stock examples that all looked the same. Turns out, that concern was completely unfounded, because you couldn’t swing a cat-less exhaust without hitting a modified machine at the show.  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? Flawless 1980 Subaru BRAT

1980 Subaru BRAT brown03

Subaru has always thought outside the box. Pistons pointing sideways, spare tires under the hood for traction in winter, plaid seating, seats in the bed of a pickup truck, 4WD as an option on all models, a third headlight hidden behind the emblem on the grille. You would think there are arbitrary options throughout the company’s history but in fact they are all features available on one model, the Subaru BRAT. Sans the “cyclops” light, this also happens to be a list of features on a particular 1980 Subaru BRAT found on Craigslist Pittsburgh.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 03 — The Sixties

sk035s_Toyota Corona Hardtop Coupe

The Sixties were a time of rapid growth and optimism for Japan. Automakers just built whatever they felt like with no cares given to what western markets would bear, and before the companies themselves settled into a comfortable pattern of four-year lifecycles. There is probably no better congregation of Post-War Miracle machinery available in the US than on the lawn at JCCS.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 02 — JDM

0067-BH3099_Mitsubishi Galant GTO MR

As long-time readers know, the Japanese domestic market was stocked with stunning machinery that never made it to our shores. The Japanese Classic Car Show is likely the only place in the western hemisphere where you can see so many of these gems gathered in one place.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s the best shade of JNC orange?


With fall among us (well, not all of us, as it is a balmy 100 degrees in Los Angeles in October), the leaves are changing. Therefore, it’s time we ask:

What’s the best shade of JNC orange?

Japanese cars have always made great use of autumn hues, especially orange. For sports models ranging from the TE27 to the Z432, it was the hero color. Anecdotally, we’ve encountered more bone stock Datsun 240Zs finished in New Sight Orange than any other shade. Tragically, its a tone not seen on new cars any more.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Which JNC model name should be revived?Continue reading