Mazda Cosmo Sport and Toyota 2000GT in this month’s Hemmings

A Toyota 2000GT and a Mazda Cosmo 110s will both grace the cover of the upcoming April issue of Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car.  The pivotal pair of shiro historic flagships was garnered together by our buddy and fellow J-tin enthusiast Jeff Koch, who was also fortunate enough to give each a spin for his cover story.

Also included within the issue is a brief biography of Datsun-Nissan historian Dan Banks along with a Buyer’s Guide for the 1968-1973 Datsun 510.


QotW: Which JNC will get you the most dates?


For most of their existence Japanese cars have been seen as economical, practical and reliable. Those may be great qualities, but they won’t necessarily improve your love life.

Which JNC will get you the most dates?

The Toyota 2000GT may be the obvious choice, though not necessarily for the obvious reasons. Sure it costs a million bucks so it’s right up there in Ferrari territory when it comes to symbolizing your net worth, but it’s not the price that does it. It’s the Toyota emblem. In fact, the non-car nut you’re wooing will probably assume that it is a Ferrari of some sort. Then they’ll see that Aichi badge and suddenly it becomes interesting, a conversation starter, and an indicator that you’re not just a Richie Rich who thoughtlessly plunked down a million bucks for a status symbol. Also, it’s beautiful as hell.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a toy. Click through to see the winner of the last QotW, “Which JNC had the greatest interior?Continue reading


GALLERIES: Nissan Yokohama Headquarters Showroom


In the 80 years Nissan’s been around, its flagship showrooms have moved several times. The first truly glamorous location was at the 4-chome intersection in the heart of Ginza, sharing real estate during the booming 1960s with some of Japan’s oldest and most expensive department stores. Nissan eventually got tired of switching out display vehicles into the distinctive curved glass building by crane and relocated a few blocks away, to the lobby of Nissan’s massive Tokyo headquarters. Then in 2009, to the surprise of many, Nissan left its long-time home in Japan’s capital for brand new digs in YokohamaContinue reading


BUBBLE ERA EXCESS: 1984 Nissan Gloria Turbo Brougham VIP Super Selection Ⅱ

1984 Nissan Gloria Turbo Brougham VIP Super Selection Ⅱ rear

Since we’re talking about the greatest interiors this week here’s a rarely mentioned cabin that gives Mitsubishi’s plaid and Subaru’s bizarro asymmetry a run for their money. Behold the Bubble Era excess of the 1984 Nissan Gloria Turbo Brougham VIP Super Selection Ⅱ. See? Japan’s economy was booming so hard in the 1980s that Nissan could afford to spend triple what they do now just on badging for a comically long name. But that’s nothing compared to the interior.  Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: Perhaps the greatest Mazda collectibles of all time

Mazda 787B oil

There are rare collectibles and there are rare collectibles. What you see here are perhaps the greatest pieces of memorabilia a Mazdafarian could ever want. You know the story of the Mazda 787B. Winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans was a momentous occasion, both for Mazda and for Japan, and they knew the history-making car would take a very special place in the company’s museum in Hiroshima.

But before it was whisked away, the oil that ran through the arteries of its relentless, 700hp, four-rotor heart was drained and bottled in little glass vials. There are only four such vessels in the entire world and this is number 1 of 4. Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota applies for Supra trademark


Toyota has applied to the US Patent And Trademark Office to secure the name Supra, according to our friends at The Motor Report. With this, plus the recent reports seemingly confirming that the FT-1 concept concept will be developed into the next Toyota flagship, evidence is mounting for a return of the hallowed model with a name born because of pornContinue reading


CLASSIC CM: Everything about the 610 Bluebird-U is just sex, sex, sex

Nissan Bluebird-U Datsun 610

What a difference two generations make. 1966 commercials for Nissan’s Bluebird, then of the 410 generation, capitalized on the car’s motorsports prowess at the Safari Rally. The 510‘s adverts were pretty tame as well, just a rundown of its design and features. Then we get to 1971 and the 610 Bluebird-U and any sense of decorum goes flying out the window.  Continue reading


QotW: Which JNC had the greatest interior?


Interiors. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Do you want to sit in the infinite blackness of an East German coal mine or the tan aftermath of a khaki explosion at the Dockers factory? Back in the day, you had choices: crushed velour, body-matched colors, even intricate embroidering on the headrests. Designers took the time to craft a sumptuous cabin. Therefore we ask:

Which JNC had the greatest interior?

Check out the plaid wonderland that is the insides of the 1978 Dodge Challenger, a rebadged Mitsubishi Galant Λ. Not only is it matched to the two-tone blue-on-white exterior, but in case its opulence gets you in the mood for some in-car amorousness there are built-in grab handles on the seats. There is a downside though. Good luck finding any trim pieces damaged or lost to time.

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MINICARS: How to get your blue Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 this Saturday


Just a friendly reminder that the beautiful blue Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 will be available this Saturday, February 15, at participating Kmart stores across the US. In fact, it will only be available at Kmart this weekend, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

Tomica Chocolate
Valentine’s Day. Unavoidable and yet oh-so-little to do with cars. That is, unless you’re lucky enough to receive one of these kyuusha-shaped Tomica chocolates. For 2014, they’ve added an adorable cocoa Subaru 360 to the set.

How cute is that? I mean, if there was ever a classic Japanese car that should be made into a candy it’s the Subie 360.

The five nostalgics from last year — a Honda S800, Toyota TE72 Corolla Levin, hakosuka Skyline, Nissan S30 Fairlady Z, and a Toyota 2000GT — have also returned. Is this going to be a yearly thing? We hope so.

Alas, you can only order them in Japan but according to Amazon they have a 210-day shelf life, so theoretically you’d have until JCCS to enjoy them. Happy Valentine’s Day!