MINICARS: 2012 Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Pickup

The latest nostalgic Hot Wheels to roll from the mad minds at Mattel is a 1987 Toyota Pickup. When it was first announced last December, we envisioned for reasons unknown a slammed minitruck, but instead it’s a lifted 4×4 that would have made Marty McFly forget all about his DeLorean. 

The 2012 Hot Ones are Hot Wheels‘ re-imagining of a lineup that featured articulating suspensions and thinner axles for faster rolling. Although some, like the A60 Supra are castings that Mattel is bringing back, others like this Hilux and Honda CR-X, are ones that weren’t in the original lineup but probably should have been. Long live the 80s!

[Images: HotWheelsCollectors]

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22 Responses to MINICARS: 2012 Hot Wheels ’87 Toyota Pickup

  1. Nigel said:

    And it also has a front spoiler, awesome.

    • Toy_yoda said:

      That front lip was actually a factory piece that most 4×4 kids have ripped off if it didnt rust off already. Nice to see the attention to detail from a company that mass produces diecast cars. Kudos to Mattel!

  2. Sammy B said:

    How long until they make a black variant and sell it as the BTTF edition? I’ll buy 5 of each!

  3. Tyler said:

    Ha, sweet. Isn’t there supposed to be a dirt bike in the bed though? Still waiting for a re-release of the 1980 Ford Bronco with the bike on back. 😉

  4. Koich said:

    I guess I’m gonna have to buy a couple of them and build a slammed minitruck.

  5. kevin t said:

    Pretty cool

  6. motoliam said:

    I’ll take a blue one with white wheels!

  7. yoda said:

    Who’s gonna be first to kitbash this with the Matchbox 4Runner to get a stock pickup and a lifted SUV?

  8. LTDScott said:

    It even has Vent Visors!

  9. A187Apilot said:

    Hotwheels needs to make more 80’s imports cars. Like Stations, Celicas, Impulse, 89′ 240, Toyota turbo sr5 truck, and Rockys.

  10. got-rice said:

    Nice to see the Construction Tires again, since I had a lot of the older HW’s with them…I hope the J cars aren’t horded (was lucky to even find the Sunagon in the Hot Ones lineup).

  11. Chris said:

    ah man, no JNC logo? I only pick up those.

  12. Drive510 said:

    If I had this truck, Jennifer would be going to the lake with me. XD

  13. Allen said:

    Still want to see a 3rd Gen Toyota Supra MKIII as a Hot Wheels car. C’mon Mattell!!!!

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