Mazda 90th Anniversary Website Launched

A little weekend browsing for you guys: Mazda just launched its 90th Anniversary mini-site. Timeline photos abound, including some rarely-seen commercial vehicles.

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6 Responses to Mazda 90th Anniversary Website Launched

  1. banpei said:

    Yummy! 🙂
    I love the picture of the Cosmo AP! Anyone know where to find a larger sized version of that picture?

  2. burabuda said:

    wth? mazda dissed the 4

  3. Jason said:

    What is up burabuda…

    Im upset there missing the best one…Rx4 ” Mazda`s flag ship of the 70s” …MIA?

  4. r100guy said:

    1977 Luce Lagato (seventh photo from the left ) would be the RX4. RX4 is an export name and Luce is the Japanese Domestic Model (JDM). The photo shows the piston version but all Luce were available with rotary power in Japan.

  5. burrabudda said:

    that don’t count bro

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