Honda Cub CM91 Boss Roadster

Okay, so this isn’t, strictly speaking, a car, but it is Japanese, nostalgic, and I saw it in person the other day. It’s also rare.

In the late 60s, Honda decided to jazz up their CM91 step-through with kits to make them more look motorcycle and less scooter. The Honda Custom Group was introduced, with four possible kits: the Roadster, Boss, Rally and Student.

According to some, this was a midwest thing, and that only 50 or so bikes were built under the Custom Group program. The kits included sport seats, sport speedometers fenders, handlebars, and gas tanks. And you could get them all for about $50.

This gas tank and seat came with the Roadster kit. However, the tank didn’t actually increase fuel capacity. There is much empty space underneath.

This chrome frame cover came with the Boss kit. The kits were purely cosmetic, and without any performance boost the bikes could barely hit 55.

I’m not entirely sure this was a real Custom CM91, or if it was just wearing a bunch of rare parts. Either way, it’s cool. For more information, click here.

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6 Responses to Honda Cub CM91 Boss Roadster

  1. Ryan said:

    Very cool, my mate picked up a ’72 cub c50, is green, rusty and awesome!

    I have a Honda Dax Im restoring, so I have much love for the early Honda’s

  2. bert said:

    My heart will always belong to Toyota! But when it comes to old motorcycles Honda ROCKS!! Keep the coverage comin.

  3. Jake said:

    So, these kits made the bikes even slower, and also gave them a very uncomfortable riding position!

  4. Jim-Bob said:

    The Honda Cub is one of my all time favorite vehicles and I love seeing coverage of such a rare model. However, as cool as it is I would rather have the standard model and fit it with baskets to haul stuff with as it is such a great utility bike.

  5. Volvonaut said:

    Let’s not get hung up on the “Car” in JNC. More like this!

  6. Jake said:

    If anyone would know, how much a completed rally worth (good condition) and running

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