Happy New Year from JNC!

Wow, 2008 was a rough one. The broken connecting rod of bad loans punched a gaping hole straight through the engine block of the global economy. Across the board, carmakers’ sales plummeted by 30 to 40 percent, affecting any business even remotely connected to the auto industry.

From the bankruptcy of aftermarket companies like Trust/GReddy to the utter collapse of magazines like Sport Compact Car and Turbo, no one was left untouched. We at JNC are feeling the crunch too, as potential advertisers slash their budgets.

Detroit was hit the hardest, but Japanese companies are feeling the crunch as well. Upcoming supercars like the NSX have been killed as Honda pulled out of F1, and Subaru withdrew from WRC. Even Toyota, a long-time bellwether for the world economy, went from a $28 billion profit in 2007 to a $1.7 billion loss, causing a delay in their return to affordable, lightweight RWD cars.

We also lost greats like Toyota Team Europe rally driver Ove Andersson, Nissan racer Paul Newman, and Toyota designer Tatsuo Hasegawa.

But hey, look on the bright side. Japanese Nostalgic Car launched a print magazine in April. Yes, it was probably the worst time in history to launch a new magazine, but we’re still working hard to give vintage J-tin some cred in the world of classic cars.

This year was also Subaru’s 50th anniversary and Subaru USA’s 40th. Nissan USA also celebrated its 50th birthday, though it did precious little to acknowledge it. But what else is new? At least they recognized their roots when it came to the new 370Z. Honda’s Super Cub also celebrated a half century and an incredible 60 million units sold making it the best selling vehicle of all time.

Anyway, as you gaze upon fireworks exploding above Tokyo’s legendary wangan expressway, remember this: at least there’s 2009! Happy New Year!

[Image: Yakei-Kabegami]

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10 Responses to Happy New Year from JNC!

  1. Toyotageek said:


    Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!
    Minasama no gokenkou o oinori moushiagemasu.

  2. Ben said:

    Haha, what does all that mean?

  3. Toyotageek said:

    LOL! πŸ™‚


    “Happy New Year!
    Wishing everyone good health.”

  4. Xemoto said:


  5. 4AGE KE70 said:

    Happy New Year,Ben and Toyotageek,although it is a new year,still,we’re driving in Japanese Classics.

  6. cressida said:

    happy new year jnc

  7. Ben said:

    Xemoto – I could at least use babelfish for that!

    HNY, Everybody!

  8. Bob said:

    You’re not kidding about Detroit being hit hard. Trust me, I’m here, and it’s been devastating.

    I will have another JNC in 2009. Come hell or high water.

  9. Ben said:

    Move to SoCal! Plenty of old JNCs around ;).

  10. coupeZ600 said:

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    @Bob: Big Storm on top of everything else, Huge HNY!

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