Goertz Myths Will Never Die

The Sound Classics Classically-Tough Trivia Challenge began in 2002. Every New Year, it asks car collectors obscure auto related questions to test their knowledge of classic cars. Some questions are easy, some our tough. We have no hope of winning it, but we do have at least one beef with the judges when it comes to J-tin. See if you can spot the problem. 

Question #9: This auto company contracted Yamaha and stylist Albrecht von Goertz in 1963 to create a two seat sports car. (1 pt)

Answer: Although Toyota eventually built the 2000GT, it was Nissan which originally contracted Yamaha and stylist Albrecht Goertz in 1963 to create a two seat sports car. Backing out after the initial prototype, Yamaha approached Toyota.

No, no, no, no, no! How many times do we have to say this? Albrecht von Goertz did not design the Toyota 2000GT. As numerous Japanese books, as well as Shin-Yoshikawa’s bilingual Toyota 2000GT: the Complete History of Japan’s First Supercar states, it was Toyota designer Satoru Nozaki that penned it.

Goertz’s connection with Nissan’s 240Z and Silvia CSP311 is tenuous as well. Some have also questioned his involvement with Porsche, but we’ll leave that to our German car counterparts.

In the western world, Goertz’s name has been associated with Toyota more than Nozaki’s, due to a handful of English-language sources that first made the mistake. One of the reasons we started JNC is to set the record straight on the history of Japanese cars, but it looks like that work will never be done.

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8 Responses to Goertz Myths Will Never Die

  1. Oyaji Gaijin said:

    Do you mean to tell me that everything I read on the internet and see on TV might not be true? Or that having the population as a whole vote on what they think is true is not a good way to find out facts? The foundation of my world view just fell to pieces.

    On a more serious note, thanks for taking up the good fight.

  2. Dan said:

    and the beat goes on…

  3. Kev said:

    Ah, poor Count Goertz. I’m sure all he wanted to do was help 🙂

  4. sr-fairladyz said:

    /\ HAhah!! Poor guy.

  5. bradyzq said:

    To be fair to the Sound Classics people, they don’t actually say he created the 2000GT, just that he was contracted by Nissan to build a 2 seat sportscar.

  6. The same myth about him designing the 240z drives me nuts too. Apparently he designed the BMW 507, although don’t take this is gospel it could be wrong too :).

  7. ProTree said:

    yea even wikipedia is wrong. it says goertz designed the 2000gt

  8. Tony L said:

    So I just signed up for a free trial on this website called http://www.collectorcarpricetracker.com from ebay motors. They have a little write-up on each car and this is what the Toyota 2000GT has written:

    “Immortalised in the Bond film You Only Live Twice, although that car was a unique convertible, the 2000GT coupe was a stunning machine, styled by Count Albrecht Goertz (BMW 507). Popup headlamps, aggressive driving lamps behind glass cowls and subtle curves make it a classic design. Yamaha designed the twincam engine (indeed they built the whole car). Optional Competition tuning could raise power to 200bhp. All-synchro five-speed, four-wheel discs, A-arm and coil spring independent suspension all round. Expensive and saleproof when new, now have a passionate following. Prospective owners had better try one for size.”

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