Fingerpori Datsun Sunny B110

Fingerpori by Pertti Jarla is a popular comic strip that appears in Finland’s largest newspaper. Today’s comic happens to have one of our favorites, a B110 Coupe! Translation below the fold.

1. “Nice car!”

2. “How fast does it go? From 0 to 100?”

3. “I would give it full 100”

Hat tip to Mikko.

And now for your view pleasure, a Finnish man saying American car names:

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8 Responses to Fingerpori Datsun Sunny B110

  1. Matt said:

    ok that guy must be some sort of folk comedian. try to watch one of his other vids

  2. goki said:

    why do I keep thinking of a walrus??

  3. Kev said:

    Actual translation:

    “Needs more low!”

    “And more dish, offset fail yo!”


  4. bert said:

    kev your’e translation is wrong- what he’s really saying is..

    “Isssssssuuuueeeeue 4! I GOOOOTTTZZZZ MINEA!

  5. Toyotageek said:

    But can the Finnish man say Japanese car names?

  6. Vic said:

    Wow all i have to say is. Nice tooth!

  7. Kari Takaeilola said:

    That video is pure humor 🙂 Its nice to see that people likes fingerpori 😀 Im from Finland and i love japanese cars 🙂 And fingerpori too 😀 i would love to translate all of those to you but it would take soooo much time 😀 Im sad that people in Finland doesnt respect cars like that 🙁

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