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rx7.jpgJapanese nostalgic fever is spreading like a top secret government bioweapon experiment gone awry. Is it just us or has the mainstream automotive press suddenly taken a liking to vintage J-tin?

Online magazine Winding Road recently had a brief love affair with the Honda T500. Now on the rebound, they’ve gone and compiled a list of the Japan’s Most Beautiful Designs. Of course, the superlative implies that all Japanese cars were considered for the pageant, but were they? Naturally, the perennial Angelina Jolie of nostalgics, the Toyota 2000GT opens the list. Others include the S30 Fairlady, first-gen RX-7 and, um, the Isuzu Impulse? The Subaru SVX? What, no Mazda Cosmo Sport, Celica or Silvia?

Granted, it’s just one magazine’s opinion, but we think the web deserves better. So we’re going to be coming up with our own list of Japanese nostalgic cars we’d like to own. Stay tuned for that.

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