Z35 to be known as Nissan Z, production specs leaked?

Hot on the heels of pictures of the production Nissan Z35 being leaked online, a member by the name of Houston.Z35 on 400zclub has come forward with insider info on the specs and pricing on the new Z. Although many have been tentatively referring to it as the 400Z Houston.Z35 claims it will be known as simply the Nissan Z. In Japan, the name Fairlady Z will carry on. 

In addition to the car’s name, the forum member also makes the following claims:

The base Z will cost $34,995, weigh in at 3,252lbs, and come with the 400hp VR30DDTT from Infiniti’s Q50 and Q60 Red Sport, the same 6-speed manual from the 370Z, a digital dash, rear duckbill spoiler and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. There will be 3 available packages:
– Type S ($5,000): This package adds performance parts such as Brembos brakes (base has Akebonos), wider wheels, thicker swaybars, more bracing, coolers, and “other stuff.”
– Type T ($5,000): This package adds leather, powered, and heated/cooled seats, and a driver assist system including auto cruise and blind spot detection
– Type ST ($10,000): Both S and T Packages

All 2020 370Z colors will carry over and there will be new yellow and orange hues available.

There’s a Nismo version coming down the line, which “won’t just be a body kit, exhaust, tune and some badges this time.” The poster refers to it as a “baby GT-R”

If these claims are true, we think the Nissan Z35 will be a worthy contender to its benchmark, the A90 Supra. With a manual transmission, twin-turbos, and a double wishbone architecture, the Z35 reminds us of a time when the yen was strong and a fighter jet couldn’t keep up.

Update: Nissan has said that not all of this info is correct but did not specify which parts.

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9 Responses to Z35 to be known as Nissan Z, production specs leaked?

  1. Jim Daniels says:

    I was under my Tundra working on the drive line when my Son said Dad the specs for the new Z just came out along with the name Nissan Z. We had a good discussion. Nissan named the car appropriately. 400Z would not have been right. I posted my opinion on the naming of the Z a few months ago. Hopefully Nissan got the rest of the car as right as the name.

  2. 88TSI_Rob says:

    I was afraid it was going start at over $40k with the twin turbo engine. If true this car is very competitively priced to go against the base V8/manual Camaro and Mustang. Those cars come with 455/460 hp. There is no doubt in my mind the Z won’t be able to match that with a tune or a couple of bolt-ons. Well done Nissan.

    If they can keep the dealers from marking them up sky high, they might sell a few.

  3. CycoPablo says:

    I wouldn’t mention the A90/Z4 in the same breath as the Z.
    One’s a boulevard cruiser, the other a much sharper tool.

  4. Land Ark says:

    $35k? Wow, way less than I expected. This is going to cause me to have a great big Hmmmm.

  5. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    As a former Z owner in a different demographic market group now, it looks “heavy”. I also don’t single out Nissan for this; I couldn’t tell you one Porsche from another. i truly admire that they’ve kept a cleaner form but I can’t exactly call it elegant. Let me put a Kevlar helmet on: it looks like a Tesla Model S “GT” ( that is not a compliment). That gas door screams charging port. Maybe shoulda kept the rectangular door like a nod to the original. Whole lotta roundness goin’ on. Before you shoot me, we’re on the j”N”c channel, right?

    It’s no small feat that a marque introduces something with two doors & a stick in this day in age so credit to them. I wish it well.

  6. CobaltFire says:

    Where are you getting the information on it having a “double wishbone architecture”? As far as I can tell this is the only place claiming that, and that would mean that it was a rather large (and welcome) departure from the Z33/Z34 strut/multilink architecture, bringing it inline with the R35.

  7. Lee L says:

    That type S package sounds unreal for 5k

  8. Craig Z says:

    My 71 is yellow, my 72 is perrywinkle, the kids college is paid for, Its going to be the S package, not sure what the color of this one is going to be!
    I’m waiting at my dealers door.

  9. SF says:

    If history repeats itself, the s30 was a great generation, two generations later the Z32, two generations later now, the Z35.

    Love all but the S30 & Z32 have stood out from the others

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