Z-Yota Races Ferrari, Receives Hate

Van from grandJDM posted this incredible video in our forum the other day of a 240Z with a 7m-GTE underhood outrunning a Ferrari F430 in a stoplight battle. Later that day, US-based Autoblog posted it and in just nine minutes the first hater in the comments section jumped in with the R-word. In fact, many of the commenters seem to have awoke on the wrong side of the cave this morning. Tsk tsk, so much ill will. Didn’t their pimps ever teach them to hate the game, not the player? In any event, regardless of which ride is faster, we know the true winner when it comes to style: The Z.

Source: [grandJDM]

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2 Responses to Z-Yota Races Ferrari, Receives Hate

  1. gamby says:

    That level of close-mindedness is mind-blowing. The people calling “ricer” probably don’t even drive fast cars and/or have never built a car themselves. It’s a low-11 second car–period.

    Also, someone spelling VTEC like “V-TEC” needs to look in the mirror before they diss someone. Why even bring VTEC into it? (Meanwhile, a turbo’d F20C would be a monster in a 240z).

    Why even be in the car hobby if you can’t appreciate what went into building that Z.

  2. EMC says:

    There seems to be a knee-jerk type reaction from the US car fanatics to shout the R-word whenever *any* japanese car is mentioned/shown. Somewhere along the line the definition of “rice” has changed to include all asian cars. A bit like suddenly calling all US cars “tanks” or whatever even when talking about the Corvette or Saleen S7 etc

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