Your Weekend Dose of Seibu Keisatsu

Here is your Friday video. But it’s Thursday, you say? Yes, there will be no Friday post this week because I’ll be on a plane to Japan! Hopefully the forthcoming pictures will make up for it.

This clip is once again from Seibu Keisatsu, the Japanese cop show that has destroyed more Nissans than Formula D. The story arc of this chase is a bit unclear, but you basically have the West Tokyo Police Force mobilizing against bad guys in a pair of car carriers. As the gullwing 280ZX, R30 Skyline and a random unmarked Cedric give chase, the trucks – hauling a Fairlady Z and kenmeri Skyline, I might add – cause all sorts of havoc for Bluebird and Cedric drivers unfortunate enough to be in their path.

And oh look, the cops can flip a switch to turn any traffic signal green! Despite a computer that looks about as advanced as a Texas Instruments graphing calculator, they manage to divert the perps into a roadblock. But the real question is never answered. What happened to the hostage cars on the carriers!?

See you on the flipside!

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3 Responses to Your Weekend Dose of Seibu Keisatsu

  1. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Damn, now you made today feel like Friday! Thanks JNC for making this week drag it’s feet. Have a blast in JDM land! 🙂

  2. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    Classic senseless TV car wreckage at it’s BEST! I get kinda squirmish seeing all those cars get mangled though!

    BEN! GODSPEED! Have a safe flight and keep your eyes open for 810 parts! 😉

  3. banpei says:

    But the car also has a computer display in it showing the map of the area. Now all we need is a talking voice and we have a much cooler version of KITT. 😀

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