You can now buy NISMO parts direct from the Omori factory

Nissan’s factory in Omori has been the birthplace of some of the company’s most iconic cars. It’s the home of NISMO, and still cranks out parts for RB26, S20, and VQ motors. It’s always been a challenge to get these parts directly if you don’t have a friend in Japan, but NISMO has just announced an international ordering system for its prized parts.

NISMO announced that it will now ship to seven countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand. All shipping, duties, and taxes will be taken care of at the point of sale, and FedEx will be the shipping company of choice. That means it won’t be cheap, but at least you know you’ll be getting your parts straight from the source.

Unfortunately, the US is not one of the countries where this service is offered. In fact, if you try to go to from an American IP address it automatically redirects you to You can still get many of the parts there, but note that the selection does differ from the Japanese site’s. That doesn’t necessarily mean fewer parts. On the US site, for example, you can get a differential oil cooler made by Tilton, one of the original BRE crew members.

By registering at the site,, you can create wish lists and get notifications when a particular item is back in stock. It also offers a contact form in case you have any questions.

Still, it’s not quite the same as buying these parts as a Japanese resident, though. NISMO can’t support warranties or returns, and cannot guarantee that everything will work with local market model variants. But it’s a more secure system and offers more peace of mind than buying from a third party.


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3 Responses to You can now buy NISMO parts direct from the Omori factory

  1. Xs10shl says:

    I tried it out, and found that there is a baseball cap available again for my 240Z, as well as other clothes. Not sure of the part numbers, though.

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Any parts for an F10? ?

  3. MikeRL411 says:

    It might be a good idea for 1600 roadster and RL411 owners to start requesting proper water pumps [both configurations]. After all they did have race cred.

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