QotW: Which JNC will the valet park front and center at the opera?

Toyota Century VG20

You’re piloting your dream Japanese classic, its drop dead sexiness outshined only by your spouse in the passenger seat, dressed to the nines in an evening gown (or tuxedo, we don’t discriminate). Lights dance across the gleaming hood as you pull up to the opera house. A valet opens your door.

Which JNC will the valet park front and center at the opera?

Let’s face it. We’re not (yet) living in a world where a Corolla or 510 will get you that primo spot right in front of the main entrance to the concert hall/Playboy Club/Monaco casino. But there’s plenty of nostalgics that would. A Mazda Cosmo Sport is pure sleekness. A 2000GT’s worth a million bucks. If you’re arriving in a Toyota Century your chauffeur will likely park it for you. Which one exudes so much class they can’t help but show it off as an example of their well-heeled clientele?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a toy. Click through to see the winner of the last QotW, “What’s the greatest Japanese nostalgic van?” 


Our contest for greatest JNV comment came down to a close tie between cesariojpn‘s nomination of the Toyota Previa and Mazdax605‘s appointment of the Mitsubishi Delica. It was a decision tougher than the vans themselves, but ultimately we had to give it to the Mitsu because the Previa is simply too new to qualify as nostalgic.

It has to be the Mitsubishi Delica. They are so cool I believe even Mazda put their name on the Delica because they realized they couldn’t compete with the coolness factor of the Deli. Someday when they are legal for import here in the US, I am getting a Super Exceed diesel with the high roof, crystal lite roof option, and the factory Karaoke machine in the rear. That’s right, these are so cool that they came with Karaoke machines in them from the factory!!

Omedetou, Your comment has earned you a rare Hot Wheels Super Speeders mystery pack Mazda RX-7!


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13 Responses to QotW: Which JNC will the valet park front and center at the opera?

  1. cesariojpn says:

    “because the Previa is simply too new to qualify as nostalgic.”

    I demand a recount!! lol.

    I’ll take it in stride and go for the question. And go big.

    Nissan Price Royal.

    Produced in 1966-1967. So got the Nostalgic date bit right. It’s a long car, so it does ooze luxury and refinement, plus it does get noticed. The list of amenities also looks fitting for a night out to the Opera to get ready with. Plus lots of room so that your suit or dress don’t get too wrinkled or messed up. Or haul around a few Opera singers and their gear.

    The competition doesn’t even come close. First Generation Toyota Century, while an iconic car that defines luxury for hard work, is too “common.” Ditto for the Nissan President. Mitsubishi Debonair is too “obscure” along with the Mazda Roadpacer and the Isuzu Statesman De Ville. The latter two could be mistaken for “common looking” in some circles as well.

    The Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, Nissan Gloria, and it’s related mid-sized brothers are also out for being too “common ” The modern stuff from Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti is disqualified for “technicalities” with the date.

    Aside from obscure custom jobs, the Nissan Prince Royal is truly one Opera going car for the night.

    • Mazdax605 says:

      Holy cow I won!!! I never win anything. Awesome that the prize is a SA22C Hot Wheels, when that is my favorite car of all time, and the reason behind my username.

      Thank you very much for the nomination.

  2. Nigel says:

    A gleamining silver Dome Zero.

  3. Dave says:

    This one is really tough. I was just helping someone of my parents’ generation look for a luxury car, and ultimately this person still couldn’t be convinced that modern Lexus is prestigious enough for BMW/Audi money. Perception of Japanese cars in the US still hasn’t come full swing from sensible to emotional, though it’s come a long way. But that’s how I like it. I like that many people have no clue but it takes someone in the know to recognize the coolness of a car.

    For this topic, I think outside of Japan it’ll take something that knocks people’s socks off outright, something like a 2000GT that just looks plain sexy and striking. Even with a Toyota Century, the general public probably wouldn’t know it from a garden variety old Town Car. I think the only JNC within reach of most that can pull it off is a pristinely restored 240Z, with shiny paint in a tasteful color, quietly burbling away while sitting at the valet. It has enough general recognition, and it is just a beautiful car. Plus, if I owned a 2000GT or Cosmo Sport, I wouldn’t let the valet touch it.

  4. Lupus says:

    I would like to show myself under opera in a dark blue metallic Nissan Laurel C31. It’s proboly not the most iconic japanese limo, nor the most VIP cruiser, but it’s one of my top 5 dream cars. In his best times it was a tough competitor for Merc W123 and BMW 5. Only then it lacked the prestige. Theas days an old, well kept upper class vehicle stands out from the crowd, even if it’s not a premium marque.
    Besides, the C31 can be a true wolf in sheeps skin. On the way back from opera i could outrun some Porsche on the esperessway with help of L31 twin turboed stroker under the hood. The posibiilities are almost endelss with that car.

  5. Wagoneer says:

    My vote goes to the elegant 1991 Nissan President for its understated European styling and timeless design. I think it is spot on for anyone who wants to show some high class JDM love without turning up in an attention seeking Toyota 2000GT or overly retro Mitsubishi Debonair. The ’91 President is subtle and has some nice design nods to Bentley, Masserati and Lincoln (back when they were good). Park it in Casino Square in Monte Carlo or outside Dunes in Las Vegas, it still looks classy and says “our custmers have money ans class” to the passers by in their oh so obvious Audis and BMWs.

  6. Sideglide says:

    Going to the opera is a black tie and suit affair filled with culture and drama. I agree that a 2000GT would fit but not just any 2000GT, that would be too easy. These days a cool million or less can net a fine example. No, that won’t do. If I’m going to drive a JNC to the opera, I want THE 2000GT made for a man in a suit and tie: 2000GT open-top from “You Only Live Twice”. Here is a car made for one of the most iconic men in a suit, 007 James Bond.

    You may want a rare car, you may want a limited production car, you may want a car with style and class; but there is only one JNC car that has all that and more. Heads will turn, mouths will open, and evil doers will turn tail. Why wouldn’t you want to drive that car to the opera?

  7. pstar says:

    Opera? Is there even a single one of us old-skool Jmobile enthusiasts into that overhyped pompous preening nonsense?

    Ditto valets… aint nobody touching my classics, especially not any costumed clown demanding money for getting to drive/park MY car. Cold day in hell indeed.

    Now, if we change the question to what JNC do I want to be cruised around in by my driver… maybe like an MS60 Crown sedan. Baroque, kind of dignified, but mostly just outrageous and unique.

  8. j3wman says:

    As much as I want to say something hilarious like a Honda Today or a Mitsubishi Delica, i gotta say a Toyota 2000gt Convertible. Any car that is worth more than the building its pulling up to is a good bet to take to an Opera. Plus since its hard to find a Japanese car that can turn heads as a luxury car like a BMW or Mercedes, its much better to go for the classic look (plus im biased and i am old skool 24/7) and nothing can beat the classic brilliance of the 2000gt.

    But if there is a car i would go for out of personal preference, i would drive a Black 300ZX Turbo with a front mount intercooler, 17″ Racing Hart Type C Originals, dropped to be flush with the wheels/ground and a digital dashboard

    • j3wman says:

      Or maybe i would fuck with the valet and bring that perfectly ratty Desert find of an Isuzu Gemini on the Nostalgic Cars for Sale thread and watch him struggle with keeping it running/driving.

    • Dave says:

      I like the Honda Today idea. I want to show up at the opera in a slick tuxedo and top hat and emerge out of a Honda Today. Oh and I’ll tell the valet to park it close and keep it running.

  9. yoda says:

    Is a firstgen Prius nostalgic yet? No? That black 510 with the period styled wheels, then.

  10. Pete h says:

    My grandmas old 89 Honda Accord Lx-i. It is beat up and ugly but runs super strong.

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