QotW: Which JNC will get you the most dates?


For most of their existence Japanese cars have been seen as economical, practical and reliable. Those may be great qualities, but they won’t necessarily improve your love life.

Which JNC will get you the most dates?

The Toyota 2000GT may be the obvious choice, though not necessarily for the obvious reasons. Sure it costs a million bucks so it’s right up there in Ferrari territory when it comes to symbolizing your net worth, but it’s not the price that does it. It’s the Toyota emblem. In fact, the non-car nut you’re wooing will probably assume that it is a Ferrari of some sort. Then they’ll see that Aichi badge and suddenly it becomes interesting, a conversation starter, and an indicator that you’re not just a Richie Rich who thoughtlessly plunked down a million bucks for a status symbol. Also, it’s beautiful as hell.

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a toy. Click through to see the winner of the last QotW, “Which JNC had the greatest interior?

SA22 Mazda RX-7 interior

There were a lot of great suggestions last week, but the most entertaining comment came from James, who nominated the SA22 Mazda RX-7 cabin:

Come on let’s be honest, it has to be the Series 1 RX-7 interior which has one of the greatest interiors of all JNCs.

Lets begin with the idea of not only using mustard as an interior colour, but combining it with a murky brown (which appears to be reminiscent of wood grain, all over the top of the dashboard) in a two tone arrangement. It just perfectly symbolises the use of drab colours in the late 70s, and there now seemingly huge failure to appear ‘modern’. Whilst the interior now looks so out of fashion and dated to some, it works so well in this era of car that to me, it just represents the late 70s JNC era.

This combined with the contrast of the all black centre column, instruments, and wheel sets off the interior as sporty especially with its use of circular driver and passenger air vents (which is surprisingly not the shape of the rotary engine, which features cues all over the car…) as well as black strip to separate the two tones. This lower two tone also helps accentuate. Furthermore, the lack of electronic gadgetry further pushes the idea that this is a sports car, made for driving.

And how could i not mention those seats. The beige, white and mustard plaid just finishes the interior and gives it that final hint of late seventies awesomeness.

Why cant mazda make an interior like this these days, instead of their usual grey on grey on black arrangement…

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JNC Decal smash

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41 Responses to QotW: Which JNC will get you the most dates?

  1. dickie says:

    there aren’t very many women out there who are impressed by 25 year-old cars in general. you might say Ferrari, I say that while rolling up in a 365 gtb or 512 bb would definitely draw out the potential hookups with better taste, it would not add up to the “most dates” from a purely quantitative standpoint.

    unless you’ve got something seriously exotic and flashy, like maybe a gold-plated dome zero, you’re likely to see the doucher in his new lime green Lambo attracting a bigger crowd of single female prospects.

    with that in mind, i wouldn’t try to compete toe-to-toe in the sports car class. i’d bring something different to the table. something like an FJ80 Land Cruiser (just skating in under the age limit) with a mild lift, brush bars, trail jack, winch, knobby tires, auxiliary lighting and an immaculate 2-tone paintjob. something that says, “hey girl. let’s ditch the club and drive to a secluded beach… oh yeah and you can fit your three friends in the back too.”

    they’ll look at you climbing out and handing the keys over to the valet – door dings and parking scuffs definitely wouldn’t be an issue in this ride – and see the rough, masculine exterior that encases the refined and well-appointed luxury interior and see the parallels between truck and owner; the dichotomy of adventure and responsibility and realize that you’re all they ever needed… at least for the night anyway.

    • gaston rahier says:

      not to mention the golddiggers will know who to fleece next lol

    • Randy says:

      I like Dickie’s idea.

      Wouldn’t want to hand over the keys to my pride-and-joy, or my $100K status symbol to some guy in a vest, working for tips. Remember “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off?”

      When you see girls/women checking out some guy in a Porsche, or whatever, ask them: “So, which ONE of you is going along?”

  2. Tboned says:

    When considering the perfect JNC to entice ladies to a date with you, what should be considered? As we all know, but hate to admit. Pulling the handbrake around corners at high speeds, does not actually moisten the ladies panties. Sorry teenage boys. She probably wouldn’t be all that impressed by the pile of paperwork you have completed to have your dream Hakosuka imported. No matter how much it costs you. An old rx-7 or 240z probably wouldn’t do anything but remind you of her uncle that never really grew up nor had kids of his own. A te72 might impress her, until the day she learns it’s just a fancy way of saying “old as corolla”.
    But what about something rare, unique, and fun, all at once? Not big on power, nor style necessarily. Maybe even invoking images of a mullet that never fully grew in. But a car with its own brand of style, with 4 wheel drive, a go anywhere attitude, and both a coupe and an open top at the same time? I dare say, the 1st generation Subaru BRAT brings many things to the table that are sure to impress. Perhaps the girl you wish to court is outdoorsy? 4wd truck? Check. Or maybe she likes the nightlife? Pay your buddy in beer, and the two of you could be sitting in the back seats, with nothing but each other and the gleaming lights of the night to keep you company in the open air. The BRAT is small, truck. It’s not aggressive. It’s cheery and inviting, and has a smiling face that’s always happy to see you. Like a puppy with its tail wagging eagerly. A BRAT just wants to play and it’s small enough to go anywhere and do anything.

    Girls don’t care about how fast your car is, or how rare, or “sought after” it is by collectors. And that’s not what the BRAT is. It’s a cute, cuddly little scamp that just wants to please, no matter what it is you ask it to do.

    The BRAT is a puppy. And everyone knows; chicks totally dig puppies. You’re also unlikely to be the original owner of a BRAT. So it’s a rescue as well?? Double points!

    So my vote, is for the 1st generation Subaru Brat. The cheery little puppy dog of the JNC world.

  3. Lupus says:

    Honestly – it’s really a lottery 😉 I roll in a graphite gray Daihatsu whit black bumpers & on pink (!) rims. And He does the job well, but only when i choose the ‘target market’ well. It dosen’t attract women. He attracts girls. You get the diffrence, do you? 😉

    If considering only the scoring helpness, the job could be done by anything on wheels that looks good maintained. It means the car sholud be clean, with shiny paint, chrome’d rims, leather interior whit lovley scent, decent audio. It shoud show that the owner is takin’ good care of it. I’ll stay in the upper range sedas and point again at cars that i choosed earlier – Nissan Laurel C31 or Lexus LS400/Toyota Ceslior UCF10. But a Wangan preped’ JZA70 Supra or roll-cage’d Nissan March K10 can be atractive for some ladies too.

    American scinetists have mede an interesting research about the womens point of view on car-guys. It showed that guys that run tuned and detailed cars are atractive for women that are lookin only for short term relationships and pure sexual pleasures. On the other hand the dudes with (let’s say) normal cars, like economical diesels, kombis (wagons) that don’t kiss them on ‘good night’ are in womens eyes a good material for husbend. Or at lest for some serious relationship. Who would’ve think of that?? ;P

  4. Kevin says:

    An easier question has never been asked to your readers. Which JNC will get you the most dates?

    Think to yourself for a moment. Which car epitomizes sexiness from Japan more than any other JNC? Surely, sexiness and Japan raise some odd thoughts when used in the same sentence, but please think past that.
    No, you’re probably not picturing a Datsun Sunny, not an FJ40, and not even a Mark II Supra.

    You’ll think I’m psychic when I tell you what you’re thinking of, but let’s just face it. It’s an S30 Z. No JNC can turn a woman on like a tripple carbed straight six monster. That monster with the modest chrome wrap around bumpers, and deep headlight scoops. The roof line, and that gorgeous quarter window swoop. She’ll even be impressed by the analog clock that sits so conveniently on the center of that voluptuous dashboard (you don’t have to tell her it’s been broken for years, you just haven’t replaced the batteries in awhile!). She’ll see the imitation wood grain steering wheel, and she’ll have no choice but to take a ride with you to Red Lobster for that special they’ve got going on this week.

    She wont even care about the disgusting smell of the Seafood after she gets out of that car. She’ll be too inebriated by the exhaust fumes that have leaked into the cabin on the way there. As will you be, something you’ll realize shortly after being seated at the restaurant, ranting to the waitress about how much you love your Z car, giving absolutely no Fu*@ about the fact that your date has already left to go throw up in the bathroom, and the waitress is only listening due to her lack of car knowledge, assuming that you’re wealthy to drive such an elegant car as you’ve described.

    The Z will get you dates, though it’s hard to rate how successful they’ll be.

  5. Sasquatch says:

    The Rx-7 again of course!

    Most ladies I knew liked the shape of the first Rx-7, and here in Australia
    any time in the 90’s if you saw a standard series two Rx-7 on the highway it
    was usually being driven by a lady as they were quiet and smooth to drive
    in standard form. Quite the opposite to my series one with hard suspension
    ported 13b and loud exhaust.

    SA22 for the win! again!

  6. cesariojpn says:

    The AE86 of course. Look at Takumi Fujiwara. He managed to get a girl with one. Natsuki Mogi. They went to the beach. He managed to save her in the panda car from a guy with a much younger Celica GT-Four…..IN THE SNOW.

    But then he then found out she was a slut. So he dumped her.

    Then along came Mika Uehara. And they clicked after a little misunderstanding.

    • Yuri says:

      No. All joking aside, an AE86 will not help you on dates. It sits in that odd realm of a girl thinking “I really like this guy even though he drives a crappy car.”

      When I first started dating my girlfriend, I was driving my S30Z. She was really impressed. It looks exotic, sounds exotic, and when I told her it was a Datsun, she was impressed. Apparently since the only Datsuns she knew of were Z’s, Datsun was like a classic Japanese Jaguar to her.
      Then the headlights stopped working, so I started driving my zenki AE86 GTS.
      Mind you, it’s in very nice shape, just like my Z, but she was always convinced it was a crappy econobox, and insisted on us taking her Prius everywhere. It wasn’t until she was at a party with coworkers and she brought up my cars in conversation, and her male coworkers started getting really excited about the AE86 did she realize I wasn’t lying when I was telling her it was a classic.

  7. alvin says:

    The Datsun Roadster
    Besides the obvious chick magnet that these gems are…
    I can’t think of any JNC that has been advertised with as many pretty ladies.

    This ad itself shows a dude about to get some, which = getting the most dates


    And for the win, if you’ve got an ad that mentions “topless honeys” and “blow your mind”

  8. jivecom says:

    It depends on whether you’re trying to pull men or women
    women? I don’t know, it seems like having a car is never enough to actually get a girl (indeed, even the girls who like JNCs wouldn’t go out with someone just for having one)

    trying to get men, though, that’s a different story. I briefly had an FJ40 in high school, and more strangers came up to me to discuss it (i used to have one of these!!!! or whatever) than any other car I’ve owned. I guess a sporty car, a Z car or something, might get some car enthusiasts, but only the trucks really seem to interest laymen. Even my lowly 22R would-be-a-Hilux has gotten me into a few conversations (including with a guy from South Africa who apparently drove one of them while he was in the military there, and he’s one of my best mates now)

    If I had to be specific I’d say the FJ40, but really, I think any Japanese Nostalgic Truck will get you a load more dates than any car. Just maybe not the dates you’re after

    I remember slightly mocking a guy who thought buying a bright ass yellow auto corvette would get him women, by asking if any woman had ever even approached him about it, and then by asking how many men he has to deal with on a daily basis. The ratio was something like 1:40

    • jivecom says:

      I don’t mean that the SA military used Hiluxes, I dunno whether they did or not. I meant that he owned one during that time.

  9. eric says:

    I think that there is no other car that is out there that’ll turn more girls heads than a jnc toyota crown. This is a sexy car thats screams out confidence, and that is what is what woman look for, or at least that is what i was told, confidence is sexy.

  10. pstar says:

    This question is how and why Nissan needs brings back the 240SX. New S-chassis cars are an ideal car for the mate seeking male, straight or gay. They are sporty, attractive. But on top of that, they have just the right level of bland economicality that makes you seem also mature and not just some flashy goofball. Note that I am talking about S-chassis when they are new or close to it and in great condition. Obviously this doesn’t apply to molested 20 year old wannabe-drifter heaps.

    Anyway I’m going to go with the LS400 because 95% or more of women won’t actually know that its 20+ years old, and it easily demonstrates stereotypical maturity, success, and good judgement and taste. Again it has to be in good condition and not some half-ass “vip” turd.

    If you are after men, a del Sol, MR2, or of course Miata is a great platform. Men tend to have much better taste in cars than women most of the time. Women go for what they perceive to indicate success and wealth and maturity, stuff with actual personality is actively unwanted, and stuff that is old and will embarress them in front of their status conscious friends is even more unwanted. How many harpies force their man to “get rid” of his cool old vintage car because of some BS reason? A helluva lot. Also those men are weak-willed pushovers but thats another discussion for another day.

    • Randy says:

      +1,000 for the last half of your last paragraph!!!

      Yours truly is single, in no small part because he got tired of “trying to be…,” and, of course, having had generally gawdawful taste in females.

  11. kylezone says:

    1959 datsun 1000. Mr. K used it to win over the hearts of America (half of whom are women * wink wink). Though we’re all looking at this from a mans point of view. If a girl shows up to a car show with any JNC at all, we all swoon.

  12. xs10shl says:

    Based on my experience, the only thing any classic car is good at attracting is old men.

  13. Kev says:

    A Toyota 2000GT with a screenprint of your bank balance on the hood.

  14. Kira says:

    not a jnc yet but will with time, my mx5 gets quiet a lot of looks from the women especially when you drop the top. its small and cute as come describe it. every woman loves a convertible, fact, think of it logically. In america sadly women go for a fat bastard in a old beat american pick up truck, at least where i live.

    • pstar says:

      “Can you raise the top, my hair is getting messed up.” I’ve heard it countless times. Women might like the quaint IDEA of a vert in the abstract, but in practice, not so much. Same reason you almost universally see women (and a majority of men) driving around with the windows up on a nice day. It disgusts me, but you have to remember that all these boring tools wouldn’t be driving Accords, Camrys, minivans, and SUVS in the first place if they valued a visceral connection with their machine and the air it moves through.

      Your own testimony indicates that you’ve experienced their revealed preference for non-verts. Plus contrived artificial “ruggedness” is always attractive to a solid cohort of women. Like cheerleader BS to a solid cohort of men.

  15. DesignerD says:

    This may just win…. how about a sexy little Italo-Japanese number in the Scaglione bodied Prince 1900 Sprint of 1963. A perfect petite pick-her-up-er

  16. Ryan "J3wman" Senensky says:

    86 Subaru GL-10 because I personally have had much sex because of it. 1 Girlfriend, 2 dates (1 of whom generally only dates women) and I have a glove box full of panties because of it, I also bought the car in August and its been parked since November. so that’s like 1 girl per month BECAUSE of the car! Never mind my infinite swagger!

  17. austin says:

    Well. I’ve thought long and hard. When I’m out on the town, believe it or not, I don’t take the 86. I take my 72 chevy pickup. From what I noticed, women couldn’t care less about what you drive, only what your ride symbolises. Contrary to belief, stance does not make her dance. All they see is a old 90s car. You were so poor, your rims don’t even match. But my pickup? Glorious. Lifted. Shiney paint and rims. It makes me look manly. Like I have some money. Like I’m mature. Problem is, j-tin doesn’t really emulate wealth or power. Just bargains and cute little cars. So you gotta get creative. My choice? The Cosmo sport. Its by no means a poor mans car. And the best parts? Its cute. But not feminine. And its weird. Super weird. They may not care about cars, but as they say, curiosity killed the pussy… cat. Driving up in such a bizarre little car, in a suave looking suit? I don’t even see how anyone could resist! Other candidates being your 2000gt, or maybe even a 510, or that other suggestion of the Datsun roadster. Its all about finding something weird enough, that you MAKE them care. They discover that jnc charm. And that my friends, is how you get women. Not 86, not s13, no Z no Subaru’s. Just charm.

  18. indy510 says:

    A rusted out Datsun 620 pickup; with a million one dollar bills flying out the back, as you do donuts in front of a Curves Fitness gym.

  19. Randy says:

    Toyota van. Pre-Previa. Non-descript/flat black. Panel version.

  20. Dave says:

    Is there a better date car than Marty McFly’s Toyota pickup?

    …actually, there might be, and it seems like such an obvious choice. What one needs to *get dates* is not necessarily a cool car but one that makes you look cool. Cars that are cool to us car geeks might seem a bit buzzy, blingy, or just plain trying too hard to regular people. Imagine a worst case scenario, your date gets into your car for the first time and sees turbo timers, boost gauges, or even worse, a roll cage. That likely won’t go over well. On the other hand, imagine a clean but understated 240Z. No racing wheels, over fenders, deep air dams, hood pins, just tasteful and stock. Few people would deny that it’s a classy and cool car. It’s beautiful, yet it has a friendly, smiley face. It’s a classic, but its being a Datsun makes you seem more likely to be a nice guy/gal. It looks cool inside as well. It’s just indulgent enough to impress, but not so indulgent as to appeal only to enthusiasts.

  21. XRaider927 says:

    Nissan 300zx z31 I like the guages and I prefer the likes of the T-top….

    • Ryan "J3wman" Senensky says:

      Digital dash, T tops, Zenki, turbo so you get the hood scoop, metal button on the tape player, yeah thats a panty dropper from the factory.

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