VIDEO: Wheeler Dealers goes to Japan

Wheeler Dealers Japan Toyota Celica

In Discovery Channel UK’s Wheeler Dealers: Trading Up, campy car trader Mike Brewer journeys across various continents to buy and sell cars for profit. In the fourth episode, he finds himself in Japan and gets a quick lesson in its used car culture. After failing multiple times at bidding on cars during a very fast paced auction, he winds up with a Daihatsu Tanto, which he’s able to sell for a profit after a quick detailing. He then spends his earnings on a white daruma Celica. A good investment, it appears.

Soon, however, electrical gremlins make their presence known as he is enjoying a relaxing drive on Mount Fuji. With what seemed to be a faulty alternator and his departure date looming, Mike was forced to put the Celica back into the auction, setting him back about $3,000 USD. Watch the action unfold in the video.

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18 Responses to VIDEO: Wheeler Dealers goes to Japan

  1. Jerry says:

    Great show sadly the car didnt paid off as much as he expected…I would keep the celica its such a classic for a fairly good price ,but this show is about trading them in isnt it

  2. Cirespeed says:

    I really like this show, their accents throw me off some, but great show all in all.

    • Kuroneko says:

      Perhaps like some US white trash, the UK chav, and the Aussie bogan, they talk like that to enhance their working man street cred…

  3. KFD says:

    Of all the cars to portray as a troublesome lemon, it had to be a vintage Celica. I got plenty of ribbing from my buddies when I got to work this morning. The car gave those guys trouble? Cool. Send it my way. I need a first gen coupe, my second gen is lonely.

  4. Ryan says:

    Loved it!!! Will stay on the DVR for a long time

  5. Andrewzuku says:

    When it was running, he seemed very happy with it – “It’s a proper, proper, oldschool classic. I love it!”

    It’s too bad he couldn’t just have someone meet him with a new alternator. Surely that would have been cheaper than the $1000 tow truck trip 😉

  6. Juppe says:

    Too bad Edd China wasn’t there to fix the Daruma…

  7. pstar says:

    These guys are the worst sort of used car salesman. “Oh wot I just picked up this rusty lemon with a blown engine that wont pass MOT, think ill get nigel to throw a scheib paintjob on it, and ill double me money quick!”

    The “mechanic” doesnt seem like a bad guy. But the other guy, who buys lemons and then makes the other guy “fix” them, is a total slimey, real, genuine, piece of pig shite.

  8. Kuroneko says:

    Glad you said that. Agree! The art of justifying how to squeeze the punters… I was perhaps being too subtle above. I’ve always felt uncomfortable watching these guys as a result.

  9. Mohd says:

    Its nothing to do with the alternator. Its a $20 cure, the contact point need replacing. It just happens to me last week.

  10. Bob says:

    So the dream of Celica ownership is fleeting for more than just me it appears.

  11. Durham says:

    why do people freak out when one small thing happens to an old car. My 1st Gen celica has had a couple of problems, but no more than any other 2005+ car ive owned. If you want to build a 1st gen celica, i say do it. They are beautiful

  12. Nik says:

    Without seeing the car, I’d say, Voltage Regulator. Here in the states, a $50 fix.

  13. blob says:

    there old cars, rember , years of diff climates, weather, the lights earth through the actual light switch, reliable old motors, ….but wiring ages, ….rember, things happen……

  14. blob says:

    Nice lloking, mmm yes, the Ta 22, then the 23, then the liftback 40 model, then generations after, …handlings not great especially inn da wet, soldi rear axle rember and idler link front steering …..springs were all made for the usa market of long open freeways…….gt had slight harder springs but….still too wallowy…….engines reliable except for the 18 rg, they had a up right oil filter….fitted……..slight oil starvation ..on start ups…..end result …not many left due to crank mains and cons wearing.

    seat belt cuts into your neck, not good arm or leg, sitting postion….even if try to adjust the seat vertical back and forth and the seat base back and forth, no good comfy postion is obtainable……..wind noise above 55 is high, nose lifts above 55 to 70….then settles…..window track rollers just wear so fast, end result rear windows …woun d down in a arch….:/ ..
    crusise speed …about 50 to 60…..not good for modern daily use…..

    engines….2t 1.6 liter…..2tb (twin downdraught carbs) 1.6 liter, 18r (single over head cam) 2 liter 18rg twin over head 2 liter , 20, 20r downdraught carbs 2 liter,

    p51 early gearbox, w80 4 speed early gbox, t50-standaised gearbxes from..75 onwards.

  15. blob says:

    Came in a few varients,….Lowest model….LT, then the ST, then the Gt ….Gt has the slight harder springs, and ….a rear anti sway (anti roll bar)…..a upgrade antiroll bar for the rear can be bought and fitted.
    Gt …antiroll rear, selection of pvc covers…instead of cloth, …clock, fm radio, dimmer switch,
    Early 22s had spare wheel mounted vertical too one side, and a floor fuel tank in the trunk (boot), later 22s and 23s, had a midsection vertical mounted fuel tank, and a trunk (boot) spare wheel well. early 22s have the slanted repeaters, ..whilst the 23s have the side lights there and are a flat vertical lights . 22s have three types of bonnet, the 23 and later lift back models have a power bulged hood, not a huge ..but notaicable….with rear corner louvor vents…..

  16. blob says:

    Wheres the vid? i been searching it for ages…cant seem to find it anywhere :/

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