What a Datsun 240Z Looks Like Going 173 MPH

Remember the Datsun 240Z that recently broke the F/GT Class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats? Here’s a video on Rebello Racing of what that looks like from the cockpit. Or is that footage from a Space Shuttle launch? No, it’s the Z.

[Image: ClassicZCars]

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6 Responses to What a Datsun 240Z Looks Like Going 173 MPH

  1. Nigel says:

    Thank for posting these !! I say these because on Rebello’s site there is more.
    Thank guys. Awesome !!

  2. Nigel says:

    The word “thank” should read “thanks”. (Just got a bit excited.)

  3. Tyler says:

    Those are some loooooonnngggg gear ratios. Almost as long as long cat.

  4. Komeuppance says:

    Needs a 5 speed…


  5. Jeffrey Barteet says:

    I sat there and waited for him to shift into 5th as well. And I waited…..and waited……

    That car seemed remarkably stable at speed too!

    While I’m sure there were taller gear sets than the original Z’s 3:36:1, I’d venture that the rear end is stock and all the ‘gearing’ is in those insanely tall rear wheels.

    Great write-up on the Rebello site. It’s another overnight success that took 15 years!

  6. Burton Brown says:

    Thanks for the comments. Actually it was a five speed but it lugged it too bad in 5th. Got more speed out of it shifting at 8000 and staying in it in forth to 7200

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