We’re Big In Japan

We get a lot of emails here at grandJDM – especially when Kev has one of his ridiculous giveaways (when are you people gonna start working for your prizes eh? Bloody slackers!) – but I think the one I received today from a Japanese native named Makoto would surely have to be my new favourite.

Hello, I live in Japan, and there is it. I get into an old car with a couple.

The favorite car of the wife is Nissan Fairlady Z / S30Z. My favorite car is NISSAN-SKYLINE / HAKOSUKA.

Please introduce it in your site that puts an animation on youtube.

How could I possibly refuse! Makoto and I are both obviously big fans of Google Translate, haha. With such strong common interests, I feel compelled to do as the guy requests.

Without further ado, I present you with Makoto’s YouTube Japan channel. There’s some sweet, sweet classic JDM in motion over there, so be sure and take a looksee.

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  1. Burabuda says:

    hahaha. my second favorite thing after admiring hakosukas is killing ducks!

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