Wednesday Wall(s): Vintage Hondas by BOW

Kazuhiro Ikeda is one of Japan’s most well-known automotive artists. Going by his pen name BOW, he has drawn for CarCar Graphic, Cycle World, and many others. Not only do his drawings of vintage machines look fanciful and fantastic, they drip with Rockwellian nostalgia. Honda Japan has a huge wallpaper gallery where you can download his illustrations of Hondas old and new, everything from S600 to S2000, or the mighty NSX to an unassuming lawn mower.

[Honda Japan]

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4 Responses to Wednesday Wall(s): Vintage Hondas by BOW

  1. E-AT_me says:

    forgot about that gallery. always cool to see that honda likes there history, whether it be motorcycles, race cars, lawn mowers, or even outboard motors. the drawings are always amazing, too.

  2. Ben says:

    E-AT_me: You’re exactly right. Out of all the Japanese manufacturers, Honda seems to be the one most in touch with their roots (at least in Japan). They have their own museum and hold events for vintage Honda owners at not one but TWO Honda-built racetracks (Suzuka and Motegi) and routinely commission artwork like this. It’s a pity Honda USA doesn’t do the same.

  3. Sarcasmo says:

    Too bad, Hondas products aren’t as cool as that, nowadays.

  4. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    I have collected lots of his art over the years (on my PC of course). From the Gullwing to the F40. The man blows my mind. Thanks for the Honda page.

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