We Need This Stinking Badge

mainforcepatrol.jpgHey Sugarteats, check out this replica badge from Japanese company M.F.P. Clothing. Remember the the Main Force Patrol? It’s the post-apocalypse Australian police unit Mel Gibson’s character served under in the 1979 movie Mad Max.

Along with The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome, this has always been one of our favorite trilogies, because what’s not to love about over-the-top violence and desert car chases tied together with an actual plot? Dialogue is kept to a minimum too, which probably explains Gibson’s lack of an anti-Semitic rant.

The only drawback is a distinct lack of Japanese iron (although a Mazda Bongo van does bite it in one chase). We always felt that if a fuel shortage had wiped out most of civilization, a 70s Japanese sports coupe would be a wiser choice than a supercharged V8 for mowing down biker gangs. Plus, their mean looks would still provide that crucial rear-view mirror intimidation factor, and Lord knows Australia has plenty of them. We think this Celica or this Laurel would be perfect candidates for Mad Max 4.

M.F.P. Clothing also makes jackets and other accessories that look just like what the characters wore in the film.  Too bad the site’s all in Japanese.

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2 Responses to We Need This Stinking Badge

  1. elmonoloco says:

    Watch out for “The Bronze”!!!

  2. Jnostalgics says:

    That’s right, Toecutter!

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