WANT. '82 Honda Motocompo, MIB, on Ebay

By any stretch of the imagination, the Honda City was a small car. It’s smaller than the modern-day Fit, which is still sold as the City in some Asian markets. That’s why it’s even more surprising that when the City debuted back in 1981, you could get one with a motorcycle in the back. However, know that the “motorcycle” was actually a 49cc two-stroker with a top speed of about 30mph, and that it would make any rider over age 12 look like a circus bear. Still, it was the perfect trackside runabout, and folded – nay, transformed – into a tidy little rectangle just small enough to prevent any obstruction in the City’s gaping rear window.


Now, thanks to ebay, a brand new, never used Motocompo that some nut has kept in the original box for 26 years can be yours for the price of $3500, or about the price of a spanking new City back in ’81. Now you might think that’s a bit steep considering the Motocompo cost only $360 then, but for cryin’ out loud, the plastic is still on the seat! We’re sooo tempted to abscond with all that magazine subscription money y’all have sent in and head down to Huntington Beach right now.


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  1. Daniel says:

    I just saw a Motocompo at a friend two weeks ago. That little bike is so cool!

    btw, there is an anime series of two police girls who also drive the Motocompo in Tokyo.



  2. leongsoon says:

    I want it I want it!!!! $3500 is steep though, anyway, I’d still buy one if the price is right and the condition is decent, nevermind it’s not mint 😀

    You must be talking about You’re Under Arrest! Great anime!


    • tommy lardi says:

      i have 2 motocompo’s white 1 is complete 1 needs some cosmetics i have tried to start them or anything, don’t know much about them. best offer gets them i can send pics and i live in florida email tjpflorida@gmail.com

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  4. Allen says:

    I collect early Japanese motorcycles and can easily source a Motocompo from Japan if anyone wants one. They are so small I could probably add two to my next crate with a full size Japanese bike in it. I have one coming for myself in the next few weeks. It will be nestled into the crate carrying a 1953 Honda E type Dream and some other stuff….

  5. Ben says:

    Hi Allen,

    That’s great, thanks for the offer!

  6. doug johnson says:

    i would like to buy a motocompo if anybody has one for sale

  7. Ben says:

    Hi Doug, why not give Allen (2 comments above yours) a try? 😉

  8. Joseph says:

    Hi Doug,

    I have 3 motocompos for sale. If interested, please send your offer to joesison @ yahoo dot com.

  9. Cody Forsyth says:

    I’m looking for one of these, have been for a while. If anyone is offering to sell one at a decent price, this is my E-Mail:


  10. tone says:

    Allen or anyone still offering Motocompos for sale? very interested. email me at eyefonetone@gmail.com

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  12. Zeek says:

    Hey everyone, Im looking for a motocompo. If anyone has one for sale please contact me at zavenla@gmail.com

  13. brett says:


    ARE YOU STILL ABLE TO SOURCE THOSE HONDA MOTOCOMPOS? IF SO PLEASE SEND ME AN E-MAIL AT ragingniin@yahoo.com i am very interested in buying one as soon as possible. i would get a lot of looks when i pull the motocompo out of my AE86 LOL…..

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  15. Bill Tyler says:

    I have a motocompo for sale very good condition $1000

  16. Bill Tyler says:

    I live in Florida

  17. Heath says:

    Hey Bill,
    still have the motocomp for sale?
    I would love to see any pics you have.

  18. Mark says:

    Hi, Do you still have a campo for sale?

  19. Rashid says:

    Do you have a honda Motocompo for sale

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