Wanna Win Yourself a Stack of Cash?


Well, enter the lotto. But if you’d like to win a US$50 voucher to Lindbergh.com—seller of fine Nostalgic JDM car magazines, among other vaguely relevant swag—all you have to do is send us your favourite photo of a classic JDM car.

Things that will lead to a stunning victory include the angle of the shot, the beauty or badassness of the background, the quality of the car, and the quality and size of the shot itself. It doesn’t have to be a photo you’ve taken, it can simply be an amazing photo you found online if that’s all you’ve got.

Of course, if you took the photo, that might help your chances too. Who knows! These two shots, for example, are awesome. However, they’re also small-ish. So who knows if they’d be good enough to win?

If more than one of you send us the same photo, and it happens to be the winner, the prize will go to the first person who sent us the winning photos.

You can either link to the photo in the comments of this post (make sure your user profile has an email address we can contact you at), or you can email it to us. Entries close on Friday November 30.

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