VQ? Why, that’d be Very Quick.


I first mentioned Austin Hoke’s S30Z way back in September (I remember it like it was just over a month ago), but I discovered this week—I’m a bit slow sometimes—that he’s in the process of slotting a VQ35DE into it.

While not exactly an M3-beater when in its standard form in the 350Z, the VQ35DE is no slouch either, and when I think of it sitting in the belly of the much lighter S30, I’m reminded of this Mallrats line: “Do you know why Lois Lane could never have Superman’s baby? His Kyrptonian biological makeup is enhanced by earth’s yellow sun. If Lois gets a tan the kid could kick right through her stomach”. I’m sure the VQ won’t be kicking holes in Austin’s car, but the metaphor’s a good one right? Right? Ah screw you guys!

Check it out at www.vq240z.com

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