Viva Libre! VTO Performance Retro 4

There’s a new retro wheel on the horizon. The VTO Performance Retro 4 replicates the look of the original American Racing Libre made famous by the BRE Datsuns. Right now the only two sizes available are 13×5.5 and 14×5.5, but they say more are coming. You can order them at FutoFab. UPDATE: FutoFab says, “When the 13×7, 15×7 and/or 16×7 sizes are available we will be looking seriously into having stock on hand.” So it looks like deep dish Libres are coming!

This comes on the heels of the Volk TE37 Vintage, and we have it on good authority that there are more old school barrels being resurrected, though we are sworn to secrecy at the moment. Old school lives!

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8 Responses to Viva Libre! VTO Performance Retro 4

  1. Kev says:

    That would look great in 14×10 with a -20 offset…in gunmetal 🙂

  2. $EX¥ HAMMER says:

    So… I have been in contact with VTO inquiring about things like custom size and offset availability, wheel weight, construction etc… and it has been months since I heard a response. I asked about becoming a dealer as my ties to the Nissan/Datsun community would make for a great start to a business relationship, I was supposed to receive a callback months ago…

    I really like their design and had been hoping for someone to step up and start building replicas for a while now, but I hope the company stays afloat long enough to get some 14×7 or 14×8’s made for my Miata, at the very least.

  3. yeah, love to see some deep dish on these.

    need more retro wheel jump on the bandwagon making new retro ones

  4. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    13 x 5.5 !!?!! Wow, take it from me, it’s lonely running 13’s these days!

    Now, we just need a tire company to make some some decent 13″ performance tires! The only thing currently out there is the Sumitomo HTR 200.

  5. Drift-Snake says:

    SEX. Gonna grab a pair to relieve my precious Volk Mesh. More retro products PLZ

  6. E-AT_me says:

    wow. these are awesome! i love them and i too would like a set on my miata!

  7. Jakob240z says:

    Sweet these are sick, i like the idea of the 14s with a very deep lip. I have a pair of the original 14×5.5 american racing libre’s for my 240z and i really like the looks of them, but a little negative offset on a 14 with say a 8″or more width would be sweet. I would totally jump on buying a wider replica.

  8. Jakob240z says:

    I have a set* typo

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